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Each year, we survey thousands of workers across Canada to compile a picture of what's happening in our workplaces and what matters to Canadian workers. We dive into the thought processes of workers to uncover trends and provide insights into areas that will shift your reputation as an employer.

what's covered in the report?

  • data based on demographics such as age, sex, education level, and location
  • insights on the top driving factors that make an employer attractive to Canadians
  • what causes workers to choose to stay with or leave an employer
  • what workers think Canadian employers offer vs what they actually do
  • traits you need to be considered an ideal employer
  • trends and factors that are emerging in different industries

employer branding with the foundry

The Foundry helps organizations create and promote their employer brand. The Foundry's services include:

  • consulting on employer branding
  • developing your career website
  • building a social media presence
  • employee engagement surveys
  • online campaigns to drive visibility
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In the competitive market for skilled talent, it's up to you to make your organization stand out from the crowd. To attract the best, your entire employee journey needs to be seamless and people-driven. From the speed applications are processed, to communication throughout the recruitment process, to the tone and image you convey, every step of the journey feeds into your image as an employer. Are you sending the right message?

the top 20 employer brands in canada

We’re happy to announce Canada’s best employer brands of 2019! The winners were determined through an impartial survey conducted by Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR). Participants in the REBR survey ranked companies based on 10 key factors including salary and benefits, job security and job content.

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what canadians look for in a job in 2019?

what canadians look for in a jobwhy canadians leave their job
1. salary and benefits1. low compensation
2. work-life balance2. limited career path
3. job security3. issues with work-life balance
4. work atmosphere4. insufficient challenges
5. good training5. commute is too long

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about randstad employer brand research

who takes part? 

Respondents are employees and job-seekers between the ages of 18-65. There is a slight bias towards respondents under 40 because the survey’s main target audience is potential employees.

what makes it different? 

Unlike similar surveys, we do not invite human resources, staff members or experts to take part in the survey, ensuring the results of the survey are as objective as possible.

what is measured?

Respondents are asked to identify companies they recognize. They then evaluate companies they recognize on 10 factors including salary & benefits, work atmosphere, and job content.

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