building IT project teams

Building a world-class IT project team requires access to professionals with a wide variety of IT skill sets and experience, often at different times in the life cycle of the project. Most organizations aren’t equipped to build an IT project team from scratch—or efficiently augment their current IT operations. We are.

Leveraging Canada’s largest IT recruitment engine for direct, no margin stack staff augmentation, we can help you fill as many roles as you need. And we take care of the onboarding, management and mentoring every step of the way. It’s a seamless solution to building an IT project team designed exactly for your needs.

ready to start your next IT project? we’re here to help you build the best IT team for the job.

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what makes our IT teams unique

  • get you the talent you need

    With the expertise of our in-house agile development team and more than 150 technology recruitment professionals, we can quickly source and deploy the talent and skills you need to implement your next big IT project.

  • every IT team is custom-built for you

    We offer the flexibility to scale up and down depending on the staffing needs in any given project phase.

  • we work on your terms, at a price that works for you

    We manage teams in your office or in-house in our development environment. We provide flexible pricing models based on your needs, including fixed price, milestone deliverables, time-and-materials and more.

  • we help you find your next hire

    We’re one of the only IT consultants that allow our contractors to be converted into full-time employees at any point throughout the project.

our approach to building IT teams

1. We get to know the unique needs of every client so we can communicate and collaborate efficiently.
2. We develop a custom technical solution that solves identified challenges.
3. We build custom IT project teams with the best talent in the business, and we take care of onboarding and all HR management.
4. At the end of the project, we ensure your IT organization is bolstered with knowledge, training—and even permanent team members—so you can continue to grow even after the project is completed.

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