agile software development

Say good-bye to outdated technocracy. We deliver modern, collaborative, human-centred software development using current agile methodology. Our state-of-the-art applications, software and e-commerce platforms leverage our in-house expertise establishing and operating DevOps methodologies and CI/CD pipeline.

what makes our IT teams unique

  • we put our clients at the centre of it all

    Every software development project begins and ends with your needs. You can count on strong, reliable and incomparable IT expertise, scaled up or down depending on your needs.

  • we get you the talent you need

    With the expertise of our in-house agile development team and more than 150 technology recruitment professionals, we can quickly source and deploy the talent and skills you need to implement your next big IT project.

  • we work on your terms, at a price that works for you

    We manage teams in your office or in-house in our development environment. We provide flexible pricing models based on your needs, including fixed price, milestone deliverables, time-and-materials and more.

  • we help you find your next hire

    We’re one of the only IT consultants that allow our contractors to be converted into full-time employees at any point in the project process.

ready to get started on your next agile software project? we’re here to make it effortless.

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our approach to agile software development

We produce human-size iterations in quick succession to learn quickly and often.
We balance processes and people and stay tuned to the environment in which a product is being developed.
We use a bottom up approach by listening to customers, market users, developers and staff at the start and working our way to the best product from there.
We use scrum and other agile work organization frameworks to get the best, most efficient results.
Our projects feature collaborative, multidisciplinary teams so all voices are at the table, at every stage of the project.

lighting revenues on fire with e-commerce.

Learn how Randstad IT Solutions can optimize your transactional website with a state-of-the-art, robust and efficient platform to ensure your customers
can continue enjoying your products and services.

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