Change is constant, but admittedly can often be met with resistance.  There are countless examples of people, organizations, and even empires that have spiralled downhill due to their inability to cope with change.  It is how change is managed that can be the difference between surviving and thriving in business and like it or not, all organizations must change in order to remain relevant.

You may already know that your organization needs to implement change to survive, but how can you get others on board to help make it happen? Here are 5 change management tips to ensure that you can successfully implement the initiatives needed in order to ensure your organization maintains its competitiveness.


1. anticipate resistance

 Be aware of what you’re up against.  Recognize that people often prefer to stick with what they already know and what they’re comfortable with; it ’s human nature.  Anticipate resistance and be ready to provide reasons that will justify the change.

2. acknowledge employee emotions 

It’s important to realize that the resistance isn’t personal, but can stem from fear of the unknown! Listen to your employees concerns, ensure they feel understood and comfort them. If people feel unheard they will either speak louder or give up communicating, both of which are undesirable outcomes.

3. communicate

Many times, people are resistant to change because they feel that it is purposeless, often reasoning: “why fix what isn’t broken?” There is often a disconnect because employees often become singularly focused on their individual role and aren’t always aware of the bigger picture. Keep employees aware of the issues that exist within the organization through regular discussions and communicate how the proposed change will prove beneficial.

4. make changes gradually

Implementing change in phases is often the best way to ensure that employees do not become overwhelmed by modifications to the routines they’ve grown accustomed to.   

5. measure benefits

Nothing speaks louder than results.  While the change is being implemented, measure the impact and benefits. If people see the benefits, it will not only help them understand why the change is being implemented but will motivate them to jump on board as well.

Change management is always easier when your organization is equipped with the right people.

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