Increasing employee productivity is one of the main things you can do to make your business more efficient without spending very much money. The process of increasing productivity, however, is something that needs to be approached from a practical, yet financial, standpoint.


1. find dedicated employees

A company trying to find dedicated employees on its own through an in-house HR department is at a disadvantage to an outside firm since the HR department has to take care of current employees, on top of finding new ones. With outside help, your company can let the recruiting be done by people who do it for a living. Recruitment firms can weed out employees who they know wouldn't work for your company, and leave you with a pool of applicants that are already several cuts above the regular workforce. These applicants have shown through either their work experience or resumes that they have the best chance of being extremely dedicated to the success of your company.

2. make sure employees fit in

Keeping employee productivity up means finding employees that fit with both each other and the culture of your company. Generally, you will not see many baby boomers working in a small internet startup, much the same way you will not usually see a lot of fresh college graduates go to work at a fast food restaurant. Employees who share some of the same experiences will mesh well together as opposed to employees who might take a more laid-back approach to their career. Randstad specializes in building teams that work very well together, which in turn will lead to higher productivity from each individual.

3. motivating your employees

Keeping your employees' salaries in line with what they would be able to get elsewhere is a good way to foster the feeling that the company is looking out for them. By offering a starting salary that is comparable, or even slightly higher than average, you will be able to pick from the best available individuals in the workforce. Randstad understands what it takes to motivate employees and can tailor job offers to attract the right kind of employee, someone who is ready to work hard and help your business grow.

4. find out what obstructs productivity

There are times when there is something visible in the workplace that will affect how productive your employees are. Distractions should be taken care of quickly and completely, along with letting employees know that distractions are not welcome in the workplace and there may be consequences for objects or actions that significantly bring down productivity. The employees themselves may sometimes be the issue, whether they have a negative attitude or can't seem to get their work done, there are times that call for terminating an employee. The sooner this is done, the faster that employee productivity will go up, especially if you fill the position with somebody who is genuinely happy to work for your company.

The most important thing you can do is finding the right employees before you hire them. That will do more for increasing employee productivity than anything else. Randstad has been helping companies fill their employment needs for a long time and knows who will probably work out, and who will not. Finding the candidate that could potentially take you, and your business, to the next level.

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