In today's challenging economic landscape, businesses across industries are placing a heightened emphasis on ensuring continuity and sustained success.

During times of uncertainty, it becomes crucial to possess the right talent pool, with the necessary skills and expertise, while also optimizing workforce size. Moreover, streamlining HR processes to eliminate inefficiencies becomes imperative in order to conserve time and financial resources.

Choosing to partner with an experienced HR partner, as opposed to handling recruitment internally, offers numerous advantages.

By leveraging the expertise of HR professionals, organizations can effectively acquire the right talent and maintain a high level of organizational flexibility, even during periods of instability. Find out how below.

Two woman sitting on a window sill looking at papers.
Two woman sitting on a window sill looking at papers.

claim your time back.

In order to achieve business success, especially in the current environment, making the right hiring decisions is crucial. This entails dedicating sufficient time and attention to key recruitment processes.

For instance, creating a comprehensive job description, strategically selecting the best platforms for engagement, crafting engaging job offers, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and conducting reference checks are all essential steps.

In the realm of small and medium-sized businesses, managers often find themselves burdened with a multitude of responsibilities, leaving little time for comprehensive recruitment activities. 

These responsibilities include tasks such as:

  • filtering and evaluating a large number of applications,
  • managing and following up on job advertisements, 
  • handling refusals, 
  • organizing interviews, 
  • and managing training and development.

By entrusting these responsibilities to a dedicated HR partner, rather than taking them on internally, you and your team will have more time to focus on activities that immediately contribute value to the business.

It's important to note that as the employer, you will always maintain control over recruitment decisions and talent acquisitions, even when working with an HR partner. This allows you to have the final say while freeing yourself from involvement in every stage of the process.

When you collaborate with Randstad, you have the flexibility to determine your level of involvement. Whether you prefer a more hands-off approach, relying on the expertise of HR professionals to handle your recruitment needs, or desire to be closely engaged at every step of the journey, the choice is yours.

secure in-demand skills.

Skills gaps pose a significant challenge for employers, and this issue becomes even more pronounced for smaller companies competing against larger businesses for the same pool of talent.

According to the Small Business Survey, over half (52%) of small and medium-sized business owners reported increased difficulty finding qualified staff in the preceding year. This percentage rose to 63% for firms with over 50 employees.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the labour market has undergone significant changes, leading to a global increase in unemployment.

Consequently, hiring managers now face the daunting task of sifting through numerous unsuitable applications, diverting valuable time and resources away from focusing on the right candidates.

Nevertheless, it is unwise to assume that the necessary competencies will readily be available in the labour market, especially for highly technical roles. It is imperative for businesses operating in industries that are projected to experience worsening skills shortages, such as engineering or manufacturing, to have a clear talent acquisition strategy in place.

One of the most valuable advantages offered by Human Resource management companies to their clients is access to an extensive network of pre-screened and trusted candidates who have already demonstrated their skills and capabilities while working with other businesses facing similar challenges.

make the right payroll decisions.

Setting salaries for particular roles can be a tricky balancing act. Paying too much brings obvious financial disadvantages, but spending too little puts you at risk of missing out on talented workers who can find better offers elsewhere.

When competing for in-demand talent who can make a real difference to your business, you must get this balance right. 

After all, pay remains the most important factor in people's decisions about who they want to work for. In Randstad's latest employer branding research, 57% of respondents cited attractive salaries and benefits as their top reason to choose an employer. This is why using an HR partner is essential.

Specialist recruitment agencies and HR service providers spend all of their time working in this field, so they can give you the most up-to-date information on pay rates and what you should offer to make sure you stay competitive. 

Furthermore, a good HR professional can keep you informed about trends and developments related to your hiring activities, such as talent shortages with certain skills or experience. Arming yourself with this information puts you in a stronger position to make the right decisions on pay.

keep up with hiring trends.

At Randstad, we conduct annual employer branding research to identify the key factors that influence people's decisions to work for specific organizations. 

This valuable research allows us to offer strategic guidance on enhancing your employer brand and creating a compelling value proposition for prospective employees.

Staying at the forefront of HR and talent recruitment is crucial as this field continuously evolves with new innovations. By adopting valuable methods and technologies, you not only optimize your processes but also showcase your business as modern and adaptable.

Partnering with an HR professional provides you with instant access to the latest information and insights within this ever-changing landscape.

These specialized professionals can guide you on utilizing specific tools and technologies that offer the greatest potential for optimizing your recruitment activities.

Another significant advantage of working with an HR company, rather than handling recruitment internally, is the ability to stay updated on the evolving expectations of job seekers. 

This knowledge helps you build a strong employer brand, which is a vital aspect of attracting top talent.

why work with us?

Randstad Canada understands the crucial role of effective human resource management in driving the bottom line of organizations. 

Our recruitment experts are dedicated to overseeing vital functions such as managing compensation and benefits, ensuring fair and motivating rewards for employees. 

We also recognize the significance of conducting insightful exit interviews to gain valuable feedback and identify areas for improvement within your organization. 

By analyzing this feedback, our HR professionals can help you enhance your company culturefoster employee engagement, and increase retention rates. Moreover, our dedicated HR department excels in processing payroll accurately and efficiently, ensuring that your employees are paid on time. 

At Randstad Canada, we strive to optimize your HR function, cultivate positive relationships between managers and employees, and create a thriving company culture that drives your business towards success.

if you’re considering an HR partner versus recruiting yourself, make sure to read our guide : 5 questions to ask when choosing an HR partner.

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