There is a strong correlation between a valued employee and a happy employee. When an employee is happy it leads to more engagement, better leadership, better teamwork, and more adaptive and eager employees. Keeping your employees happy also leads to increased overall employee retention and an improved overall work ethic and atmosphere. Long story short, valued employees are better for your business!


ways you can make sure your employees feel valued:


Respecting your employees is extremely important. It not only shows that you trust them but it illustrates that you care about them and you believe in their abilities. When you show your employees respect, it makes them feel valued and encourages them to continue to do their best work and put their best foot forward.


While having a structured business can be very important, it is also extremely beneficial to give your employees a degree of freedom. This allows them to be creative and to generate new ideas. Employees with greater freedom also feel more trusted by their employers and employee satisfaction and happiness is higher as a result.


Acknowledging your employees accomplishments is crucial. Recognition helps to ensure that employees feel valued for the hard work that they are doing for you every day and ensures that they will continue to work at this level. Thanking your employees is a sure way to illustrate this recognition. Make sure that you thank your employees when they have done something for you, no matter how big or small. This will make certain that the individual knows that you have acknowledged that they have done something of importance for you and that you are aware of the value they add to the company.

healthy work / office culture

Having a healthy work and office culture is a huge factor in ensuring employee satisfaction. Work culture will always vary depending on what kind of business you are but it is always beneficial to ensure that your employees feel comfortable in your workspace. The following ae some tips for ensuring that your company offers a healthy work culture:

  1. Ensure that there is a well written policy defining appropriate behavior in your company - This will ensure that employees act in a manner this appropriate for your professional space. This will also ensure that employees treat each other in a respectful and suitable way.
  2. Have someone available to listen to employee grievances - There should always be an individual at your company that employees know they can turn to if they feel they have a problem that needs to be addressed by the company. When employees feel they have someone who will listen to and address their issues, it leads to better overall employee satisfaction.
  3. Offer a way for employees to engage with each other on a regular basis, whether it is the annual holiday party, or weekly events. This provides a way for colleagues to get to know each other and leads to better overall comfort and happiness in the workplace. This also illustrates that you value your employers and want them to be content with their job.

listen to new ideas

As an employer, it is beneficial for you to ensure that your employees feel comfortable coming to you with new ideas. When you listen and encourage these ideas, you nurture your professional relationship with the employee and also leave room for a potentially great idea. Furthermore, when you listen to your employees and engage with them, you are showing that they are valuable to you and that you trust that they have great ideas to add to the company.

ask for feedback

As already illustrated, valued employees lead to better work, so it’s always a great idea to ask your employees what you can do better to make them feel valued. The best way to learn what makes your employers feel valued is to ask for feedback. The following are some ideas for how you can ask for feedback from your employees in order to ensure employee satisfaction:

Send an employee survey – In an employee survey you can ask about what your employees are and are not happy about and what you can be doing to improve this

Regular meetings – it’s always important to check in with your employees. This allows for a 2 way conversation in which you can both discuss ways to improve. Regular meetings also show that you have time to listen to your employees and will lead to increased employee satisfaction.

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