Need to hire temporary workers to meet business needs?

Scaling up during a crisis, filling seasonal positions or simply ensuring backup for existing staff are just a few reasons organizations turn to temp workers.

While this HR solution provides many benefits, it can be tedious and challenging to manage these hiring processes on your own.

Discover some benefits of partnering with a staffing firm like Randstad when you're hiring temporary workers.


1. access to proven databases of talent

Start from a position of plenty when you work with an HR partner. Randstad has a robust database of talent to pull from, which helps ensure the right people for your positions.

But you're not tied to our existing talent lists. We do the work to fill a position whether we have someone in mind already or need to reach outside our networks.

2. reduced time to fill positions

Traditional recruitment takes time. You have to start by defining what you need and then put out ads and cast a wide net into the candidate pool.

By the time you get to this point, it might be days or even weeks, and you still have the review, vetting and selection processes ahead of you!

We help you cut through these challenges to efficiently fill positions faster than you can on your own, including the creation of effective job descriptions.

3. better quality candidates in the pipeline

We're always at work filling our database with qualified candidates for a wide variety of positions.

Our existing pipeline makes it easy to send you better quality candidates whether you want us to fill a position immediately or provide candidates you can select from yourself.

4. reduces talent management burdens on your business

Randstad handles all the paperwork and payroll processes for temporary workers. They technically work for us, though we ensure they're the right fit to work well within your company and teams.

Since you don't have to worry about payroll, benefits and other matters, you can hire temp workers faster and with more flexibility than typically comes with permanent hiring processes.

5. flexible, dynamic staffing options

Scale your workforce up and down quickly when you're supported by our temporary worker hiring services.

We know that business is fast-paced, and what you need can change from week to week or even day to day.

Our recruiters and HR professionals can help you get the talent you need to cover client demands on a daily basis.

6. peace of mind that you're hiring temp works in a compliant manner

With so many moving parts, compliance is certainly a concern. Can you scale up and down rapidly without falling afoul of local regulations, and what certifications does someone need for a specific position?

These are just two of the many questions you need answers to when hiring people—and our HR pros have those answers. A reputable staffing firm ensures hiring processes are compliant with all national and local laws and regulations. 

7. saves your business money

Outsourcing temp worker hiring processes can save your business money. Here are just a few expenses we can help you reduce:

  • Internal HR expenses related to recruiting, selecting and managing temporary talent
  • Payroll expenses related to benefits, payroll software requirements and time spent processing payroll 
  • Ad spend related to job postings
  • Time and money spent vetting and interviewing candidates

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Are you ready to position your business and teams to better withstand the scaling challenges that can come from a crisis, seasonal changes or normal attrition? We can help.

Download our guide on why you should use an HR partner to hire temporary workers to find out more about the benefits we can provide your business.

From cost savings to peace of mind, our professional HR support helps you move forward to protect and grow your business with the right talent every day.

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