Randstad’s Canadian operations were founded more than two decades ago, Since then we’ve built long-lasting relationships with job seekers and employers alike. With so many years of experience under our belt, we know a thing or two about building efficient HR practices that make your company stronger. 

When you choose us to be your HR partner, it’s a commitment we take very seriously.  Our goal is to share our extensive experience with you, to help you build sustainable HR practices that will enhance your workforce and build mutually-beneficial long-term relationships with your employees. 

We’re proud to say that since 2017, we've been the largest recruitment agency in Canada. We firmly believe that our success is less about the services we offer and more about people. We’re confident saying our team is made up of the best people in the recruitment business. As any smart employer will tell you, hiring the right people is at the heart of your business success. At Randstad, we’re hyper focused on helping you hire the right people to drive your business forward.

the perfect balance of expertise and experience.


Randstad offers broad expertise across the HR spectrum in a diverse range of industries. We have the resources and experience to assist with all of your HR and hiring needs in: technologies, manufacturing and logistics, customer support, skilled trades, HR, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, engineering and construction, and several others.

Our diverse human capital experience means you don't have to turn anywhere else to fulfill all of our HR needs. We also have expert teams to support you with specialized needs, such as our IT Solutions team, which provides support for project-based IT work, our Executive Search team, which helps you source experienced senior executives, or RiseSmart, which supports your team with career transitions when an employee leaves your company. 


are you evaluating potential HR partners?

Learn how Randstad is different from other HR partners and get all the details on what it’s like to work with us and how we support your HR processes. 

advantages of working with us

build your national talent pipeline.

Randstad has branches and employees spanning from Halifax to Vancouver, with plenty of resources everywhere in between. Some benefits of working with an HR partner with a presence across Canada include bigger candidate databases and recruiters who know how to work with companies in all provinces and territories.

we use the latest HR tech.

Technology is woven into everything we do. HR is a human-centric business first and foremost, however technology is a powerful tool to streamline lengthy and time-consuming HR processes so you have more time to spend on what matters to your business - your people and value-added tasks. We rely on a variety of HR tech tools to facilitate and digitize HR processes such as e-onboarding, job interviews, shift planning, remote work, and much more.

work with a cohesive, collaborative team.

Unlike many other staffing firms, we don’t work in silos based on the industries we serve. Randstad recruiters collaborate across job sectors and locations to offer you a cohesive recruitment experience. So if you need an administrative assistant in Calgary one day and a software developer in Montreal the next, our team can facilitate both. Additionally, instead of connecting you with a single recruiter or HR expert, we rely on a unit system to source candidates. You have an entire team dedicated to delivering on your job orders and to attend to all your recruiting and HR needs. We don't create unfair environments that pit recruiters against each other. Our recruiters earn a competitive base salary, so they're not solely dependent on commissions. 

employee wellbeing comes first with us.

Many HR firms treat temporary workers differently than their full-time, permanent workers. At Randstad, we strive to create a fair and equal work environment where temporary workers are treated the same as any other employee. Our team builds long-term relationships with our temporary workers that go well beyond a single contract. We often form years-long relationships with candidates that span many contracts and employers. At the foundation of these strong ties is a deep respect for our temporary workers. Unlike many other temporary staffing firms, we provide health and dental benefits for our temporary workers through our Randstad Advantage program. By offering benefits from day one, Randstad sets itself apart in the minds of candidates—an advantage for companies that choose us as their staffing partner.

diversity and inclusion are at our core.

At Randstad, we believe everyone should have a chance to succeed. Every client — whether they're a small business or a corporate giant — should have a chance at hiring great talent. And every person — minority, immigrant or otherwise — should have a chance to be hired by a great company. We work extensively with new immigrants, encourage women in the workplace, and follow through on a number of other diversity and inclusion efforts and we can support you in doing the same.

are you evaluating potential HR partners?

Learn how Randstad is different from other HR partners and get all the details on what it’s like to work with us and how we support your HR processes. 

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