IT professionals are notoriously difficult to hire. From skills shortages to confusion about how to vet specific knowledge, the obstacles to hiring the right software developers can be getting in the way of your business's long-term success. But there are solutions!


common IT hiring challenges

The first step to dealing with these challenges is understanding them. Here's a quick look at some common obstacles you might face when trying to hire software developers or other tech resources:

  • You could be facing a skills shortage, which is common in the technical field. However, this doesn't necessarily mean people with the right qualifications aren't out there looking for work. It's usually that employers are having trouble connecting with the right talent because the IT field is so varied and dense.
  • Qualifying candidates can be difficult. Your internal HR teams probably don't have coding and technical backgrounds, and they're not just working to hire software engineers and tech pros. Internal HR staff have many other obligations, which can mean they don't have time to figure out how to accurately assess the skills and experience of dev candidates.
  • Your tech needs might evolve constantly. Software development is never static, and you might have a need for extra coders during one season and fewer tech pros the next. Internal, traditional hiring processes can make it difficult to scale up and down in a cost-efficient manner without negatively impacting team morale and quality of work.

get guidance on overcoming those challenges

How you overcome some of these challenges depends on what's best for your business. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to hiring, and that's especially true when you're looking to hire IT professionals. 

You might consider options such as referral programs, recruiting on job posting boards, running everything through your internal HR teams or outsourcing some or all of the work to hire software engineers and other high-level tech staff.

And while there's not one best way, there is a best way for you. If you're ready to do the research and work to find the best way for your dev teams and business, Randstad is ready to help. 

We suggest starting with our guide to hiring the best software developers. It includes valuable information such as:

  • A list of potential hiring methods you can use along with pros and cons to help you evaluate each for your business
  • A deeper dive into the benefits of working with an HR partner to hire tech talent
  • Some research about tech job trends and why you might be dealing with shortages in certain arenas to help you be prepared for the challenges

get ready to hire software developers that work well on your teams, provide high-quality coding and generally support your business with strong technical skills.

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