We're proud to announce a new collaboration with influencer Sage Franch, aka The Trendy Techie! A young developer and long-time advocate for diversity in STEM, Sage will be collaborating with us to create social media content and articles on topics related to tech and women in the workplace.

sage franch


what's this collaboration about?

The goal of the partnership is to identify human forward ways that Canadians can innovate and participate in the globalizing workforce. We'll be working with Sage on several projects, including:

  • As a Canadian delegate for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit in Fukuoka, Japan in May, Sage will be meeting with other young entrepreneurs from the G20 jurisdictions to discuss how our governments can support youth innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide. As a supporter of youth entrepreneurship and women in business, Randstad will be sponsoring Sage’s presence to the Summit in Japan.
  • Sage will play an important role in the next steps for Women Transforming the Workplace, including recording a new podcast! 

how can you get engaged? 

Sage recently hosted our first Twitter chat on how Canadians can innovate on the global stage. Use #RandstadTechTalks to keep the conversation going! 

Sage will also be involved in the next phase of Women Transforming the Workplace, so keep your eyes peeled for all the new content to come!

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