Companies recognize that in a talent-scarce environment, an inclusive, equitable, and accessible work environment leads to better performance, employee engagement, satisfaction, and public reputation. 

However, despite efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, some women feel undervalued in their work environment. For Canadian women, things are not as positive as companies would have us believe.

According to our national survey, women respondents feel that companies are still moving too slowly towards greater equity for women. Despite increased awareness, women report that they do not have the same opportunities as men. The message is clear: there is still a long way to go before all women feel seen, recognized, and appropriately compensated for their work.

Close up - Smiling woman holding a mug while talking to someone.
Close up - Smiling woman holding a mug while talking to someone.

To help your company move in this direction, we are providing a special report developed in collaboration with The Brand is Female

It takes a closer look at the challenges women face in the workplace today and offers solutions for creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. 

The report also provides practical advice on how to regain women's confidence and turn disillusionment into commitment, as well as ways to overcome the biases that continue to shape women's experiences.

Download it now to develop a meaningful and sustainable gender equity strategy for your organization. You'll discover, among other things:

  • why gender equity is still a hot topic.
  • what a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment is.
  • how to regain women's trust and turn disillusionment into commitment.
  • the tall poppy syndrome: What is it?
  • why flexibility is a solution but not a cure.
  • how to overcome the biases that continue to shape the experience of women to better attract and retain them in your organization.

Don't wait any longer to discover all the opportunities that gender equity can offer your company and create a more equitable work environment for everyone.

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