According to the American Psychological Association, "decades of studies show women leaders help increase productivity, enhance collaboration, inspire organizational dedication, and improve fairness".

Despite these benefits, it is alarming that only 10% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women.

Although progress has been made, achieving gender balance in leadership positions is still a distant goal. However, companies have much to gain by encouraging greater representation of women in these roles.

Discover why it is crucial to have more women in leadership positions and how companies can work towards this objective.

People having a meeting in an office, drinking coffee.
People having a meeting in an office, drinking coffee.

1. adopting a transformational leadership style

According to a study on gender and the assessment of leaders carried out under the direction of Eagly, women leaders are more likely to adopt a transformational leadership style. They are more inclined to embody the organization's values and inspire people to embrace its mission.

2. increased sense of equity

study conducted in 2022 by social psychologist Mansi P. Joshi, PhD, reveals that the mere presence of a woman at the head of an organization raises expectations of fair treatment within that organization, as well as higher salaries and status.

This finding demonstrates the positive impact of women representation in leadership positions on the perception of fairness within the company.

3. influence on the attraction and acquisition of women applicants

PwC study highlights the significant influence of women representation in leadership positions on women's decisions to accept a job. 

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It states that 67% of women highlight the influence of female representativeness on their decision to accept a job. This percentage climbs to 76% for young women starting their careers.

The A Effect

interested in more content focused on women’s experiences in the workplace and how we can affect change together?This demonstrates that a higher number of women in an organization encourages other women, especially young women starting their careers, to join the company.

4. humility in the service of innovation

Companies with a significant number of women leaders benefit from a greater potential for innovation, as revealed by the Everest project's study entitled "Eve of Change: Women Redefining Corporate America"

According to this study:

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(senior executives women are) embracing smart risk on behalf of their organizations to champion new ideas, using humility backed by confidence as a power tool to accomplish big goals, collaborating across the enterprise in search of people to contribute new and different ideas, using their difference, including insights gained from gender, race/ethnicity and sexual orientation, to drive more value in their organizations

Women Redefining Corporate America

So, while debates persist about which qualities are intrinsically feminine, humility is viewed as an advantage in women leaders. When used strategically, it fosters an environment conducive to change and innovation.

strategies to promote the advancement of women in leadership roles

To facilitate the swift progression of women into leadership roles, here are some essential strategies and actions:

promote a culture of diversity and inclusion

Companies should strive to create an environment that values diversity, where women's contributions are duly acknowledged and rewarded.

This necessitates raising awareness and providing training on unconscious bias, while implementing policies and practices that foster equal opportunities.

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establish specific objectives and initiatives

Organizations should define precise targets for increasing the representation of women in leadership positions and implement targeted initiatives to support their progress.

This may involve implementing mentoring and sponsorship programs, providing leadership training tailored to women, and offering professional development opportunities.

identify and develop future leaders

Organizations should implement early identification processes to spot talented and promising women.

This can be accomplished through regular performance reviews, on-the-job observations, specialized development programs, or recommendations from mentors and managers.

foster the development of skills and networks

It is crucial to offer women opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, whether through internal or external training, specialized development programs, or participation in professional events and networks.

encourage visibility and speaking out

Women should be empowered to express their opinions and share their ideas and perspectives. This can be achieved by providing them with opportunities to speak at internal and external meetings, conferences, and events, while also supporting their involvement in networking and leadership initiatives.

eliminate barriers and prejudices

Companies must identify and remove the obstacles that hinder women's progress, such as pay gaps, gender stereotypes, and unfair promotion practices.

It is essential to establish transparent and equitable policies and processes to ensure equal opportunities for everyone.

promote the sharing of experiences and success models

Women can gain inspiration and valuable insights by sharing their experiences and having access to successful role models.

Companies can support this by organizing networking events, conferences, or mentoring programs.

By implementing these initiatives, organizations can foster an environment that promotes the advancement of women into leadership roles, leading to greater diversity and equality within the company.

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