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Do you take exceptional pride in the hands-on skills that you bring to the table? Do you believe in giving nothing less than your absolute best and maintaining a can-do attitude every day? Do you see perfection as a minimum standard, rather than something to aspire to?

If this sounds like you, then you’re precisely the kind of skilled tradesperson that Randstad Canada is looking for. Search or skilled trade job opportunities below to find industrial jobs that match your skillset.

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Below are some of the most common skilled trades and industrial management jobs that Randstad fills. Learn more about the roles available in each field by clicking on jobs that interest you.

average skilled trade salaries in canada

Most skilled tradespeople make a per hour rate. Skilled trade salaries vary greatly depending on your specialty and level of experience, as well as where you're located. Rates also increase for managers and supervisors.

Skilled tradespeople such as welders, millwrights, electricians, mechanics, and pipefitters will typically make between $20/hr to $40/hr depending on their area of specialty and the number of years of job experience they have. 

If you hold a supervisory or management level role, you can expect higher compensation. Starting rates for plant managers, quality control managers, and warehouse managers begin at about $25/hr for those new to their roles, but can reach as high as $60/hr for experienced senior management.

skilled trade jobs to consider

Many skilled trade jobs are currently in high demand. Some of the hottest jobs sought after in skilled trades include:

Within many of these jobs, it's possible to develop areas of specialty that will further set you apart from other candidates. Quality control jobs are another option.

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industrial management jobs to consider

Once you have honed your skill in a specialized trade, it's possible to move into leadership or management roles, where you will take on more responsibility or manage a team. Examples of industrial management jobs include:

Other roles to consider include team leader, maintenance supervisor, warehouse supervisor and quality control supervisor.

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day to day skilled trade tasks

The tasks you partake in throughout your workday will vary greatly depending on your specific job title, area of specialty and your employer. These are some tasks common in skilled trade jobs:

  • operating machines or semi-automatic equipment
  • reading, interpreting or following blueprints or schematics
  • installing various systems
  • keeping job sites clean and orderly
  • supporting safety codes and following building regulations
  • maintaining or cleaning various types of equipment
  • training or supervising apprentice workers
  • managing or directing a team

blueprints and schematics to assist them in installing, examining, testing, replacing, or repairing switches, wiring, conduits, and other devices or components in the plant. They are responsible for troubleshooting electrical problems, as well as repair and maintenance.

Depending on the size of your team and the company you work for, you may be given more or less responsibility.

where you can work

Most skilled trade workers are employed in manufacturing or construction. Energy companies are the largest employer of skilled trade workers in Canada, though there are plenty of opportunities to be found elsewhere.

Whether you’re a skilled tradesman looking to advance your skills in a challenging environment, or an experienced manager who is passionate about leading an industrial team through exciting projects, there are plenty of exciting opportunities available to you.


what you bring to the table

You must enjoy your work because you often work in noisy, dusty environments where the climate can be unpredictable. If you work in the construction sector, seasonal weather is also an issue. Working as a skilled tradesperson requires dedication and a love for hands-on work - it certainly isn't a place for the faint of heart!

You're a hard worker who excels at taking direction and working in a team environment. You're vigilant, pay close attention to details and always ensure that your training and certifications are up to date. If your job requires manual labour, your physical health and strength can also be a factor. A positive attitude and strong work ethic will prove invaluable.

training and certifications

Depending on what skilled trade you specialize in, there are a variety of certifications available. For instance, welders, millwrights, electricians, mechanics, and machinists, among other can obtain certifications in most provinces.

For many skilled trade jobs, you'll need to complete a course, apprenticeship or certification in order to secure top employment, however, there are some employers who believe these skills can be taught, if prospective employees are open to learning and have a strong work ethic.


where your career is headed

With a college degree, leadership skills and ongoing training and job experience, you can move into supervisory or management roles within your department.

Roles that already have a supervisory component, such as foreman or production supervisor, have room to move up to plant managers or VPs of manufacturing. If management roles aren't for you, using your experience to become a highly regarded consultant is another option.

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