IT project manager jobs

IT project manager jobs

There is a good outlook for IT Project Manager jobs in Canada over the next few years. As technologies change, companies will continue to need IT Project Managers to help them rework their existing IT systems and policies and create new ones. Candidates with strong management and communication skills will have the edge.

IT project manager jobs

IT project manager job description

Work realities:
IT Project Managers work in office settings at a desk or workstation in a variety of industries that require IT support including offices, hospitals, schools and technology firms. Often this role is hired as a contractor to consult on and oversee IT projects. Some travel may be required to support offices or clients in other areas. Work time is generally 40 hours per week but some roles can require as many and 45 to 60 hours each week. Weekend work can also be required.

Reporting to:
Depending on the organizational set up, this role can report to an IT Department Manager or senior-level staff such as the vice president, CIO, CEO or president of the company.

A variety of duties comprise the role of IT Project Manager. Typically this role will plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the information technology systems of an organization. This role also develops and implements policies for these systems as well as oversees budget issues and hiring appropriate staff.

Future possibilities:
Other jobs in this field that are open to IT Project Managers are Computer Engineers, Information Systems Analysts, Software Engineers/Designers, and Database Analysts. A well-skilled IT Project Manager can grow into the position of IT Department Supervisor, Vice President of IT or even Chief Information Officer.

The key element for success in the IT Project Manager role is to continually add to your skill base to be able to understand and support the ever-changing world of information technology. In addition, build a proven track record of success, strong communication skills and sound managerial expertise.

required skills and training

This position requires a bachelor's degree which can come from several fields including computer science and computer engineering. It's very helpful to also have taken classes or even minored in management or communications.

An experienced IT Project Manager will have at least three years of IT project management work and a degree. With no degree or partial education, five years of experience are generally required.

Skills and Certifications:
To gain higher level positions, it's helpful to have an IT Project Management Methodology Certification.

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