Connecting with others meaningfully, exercising your passion for a particular cause, and widening your social networks are just some benefits of volunteering.

Volunteering fulfills a social responsibility, can boost your career, and count as work experience. In this article, we’ll explore the numerous advantages of volunteering and how it can enhance your personal and professional life.

Woman and boy smiling, sitting in a bus.
Woman and boy smiling, sitting in a bus.

why is volunteer work important?

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how can volunteering help you in your career?

try a different field of study or a new career. 

It’s a great way to get first-hand experience and knowledge in your area of interest, explore new possibilities, get out of your comfort zone, meet people in the field, or make a long-term commitment.

build out your resume, or gain on-the-job experience. 

This is especially true for recently arrived candidates who need current Canadian work experience to gain employment in their fields.

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hone existing skills or learn new ones. 

Many organizations provide free training to their volunteer workforce. Seize the ideal chance to acquire transferable skills in a non-judgmental environment.

Increase your confidence level, develop your skill set, communicate better, and practice problem-solving and teamwork. 

create or expand your professional network

By working as a volunteer you can meet new people, potentially mentors and representatives of companies and organizations that could be useful to you in the future. This new network can also provide you with valuable information and advice for your professional development.

impressing recruiters

Recruiters often consider volunteer experience as an important factor when assessing candidates. Why? Because volunteering demonstrates your passion and commitment to a cause. 

If the company you are interviewing with shares the same causes, this can tip the scales in your favour. In addition, volunteering will certainly provide you with invaluable references if you are looking for a job.

gain ‘real world’ experience that employers are looking for after you graduate.

Volunteering can provide you with valuable real-world experience, especially if you are a new graduate. Indeed, while book learning is important, employers often look for additional practical experience.

move ahead in your organization. 

It is possible to feel stuck in your current role because it is the one you are most comfortable in and know best. However, this can prevent you from learning new skills or applying for leadership roles, as you spend the majority of your time in your current role.

Volunteering can be a solution to help you improve or acquire new skills, such as team management, collaborative working, planning, task delegation and communication.

feeling useful, productive and satisfied with your contribution

Your current job may have become routine and you may feel stuck. Volunteering can help you out of this situation by reminding you that you can find pleasure in what you do.

Engaging in a voluntary activity can give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. And if you are unemployed and your job search is taking too long, volunteering can help you regain your self-esteem by making you feel valued and appreciated.

stay active in retirement. 

Volunteering allows you to remain active in your field of interest without having to devote as much time and effort as a full-time job.

Volunteering can be an effective way to learn new skills, expand your professional network, get involved in your community and contribute to a cause you care about. 

As well as offering a personally rewarding experience, volunteering can also help you develop your career and find professional opportunities. 

So why not consider giving some of your time and energy to volunteering?

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