Job markets are constantly evolving, but the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, inflation, and an impending recession, have further accelerated the pace. As organizations are navigating these changes, they are also looking for talent who have specific skill sets that will allow them to move forward.

Discover 11 trending skills Canadian employers are looking for on resumes below.

1. data analysis

Companies and organizations are beginning to realize the value of all this data as they gather ever-increasing amounts of information. The new digital economy now includes data analytics as a vital component.

This has led to data analysts and scientists being in greater demand to fill those positions each year. The best data analyst skills to have are SQL, languages such as R or Python, machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), and data management.

2. customer centricity

Customer centricity is more important than ever for businesses. Consumers have plentiful options—online and off—even if they have just a single unpleasant experience with a brand, they're likely to go elsewhere.

Happy customers are likelier to stick with a brand because they feel heard and attended to. Dissatisfied customers abandoned brands, and a firm cannot exist without customers. Therefore, candidates with strong customer service skills, problem-solving skills, and empathy are critical to companies.

3. operations planning

Operations management keeps things moving. The pandemic, war in Ukraine, great resignation, talent scarcity, and more have created supply chain management disruptions and workforce planning challenges. Maintaining operational efficiency is the responsibility of operations management.

Candidates in operational planning always keep an eye out for new developments that can help them to streamline operations and eliminate bottlenecks. Candidates with experience with operations planning experience and skills such as problem-solving are likely to be favoured by employers looking to fill scheduling positions.

Three smiling colleagues two man and a woman chatting in the office.
Three smiling colleagues two man and a woman chatting in the office.

4. business development and sales

High earners in inside sales positions can bring home as much as $95k per year, and there are plenty of reasons employers are willing to get competitive with sales pay. Sales teams control the funnel that brings in customers, and candidates with a track record of success in those endeavours can expect to find plenty of potential positions in 2023.

5. coding and programming 

The demand for coding jobs is growing. Companies are looking to fill their job openings with fresh and skilled candidates. There is growing appetite from organizations for low-code or no-code software development, which has democratized programming through the graphical user interface, making it a very interesting and accessible career choice. Candidates who are adaptable, who are quick learners and who have strong communication will perform especially well in this role. 

6. digital marketing

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that reaches and engages consumers via digital technologies. Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing are some of the online and offline platforms that are frequently used.

Candidates skilled in data analysis, content development, SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), communication, social media management, basic design, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce are in high demand for most companies.

7. budgeting 

Companies are keeping a better eye on bottom lines and spending, especially with a recession on the horizon. When supply chains are stressed, and prices seem to rise daily due to inflation, budgeting skills are critical for accounting, procurement and general business management positions.

Employers are also concerned with overall budgeting resources, including labour time and raw inventories.

Three colleagues having a meeting in a meeting room.
Three colleagues having a meeting in a meeting room.

8. agile project management 

Project management is a versatile skill set desired by employers in all sectors. Many companies are shifting to Agile Project Management (APM), a project management philosophy that emphasizes individual and customer collaboration, rapid delivery, and flexibility in response to change. In the new realities of today's job markets of remote work, hybrid and in-office, it takes a lot more planning and support to make sure that all departments are aligned. 

Candidates with project management skills should detail the success of past projects they worked on and include relevant certifications, such as PMP, on their resumes.

9. human resource management

Human resources have been an integral part of any organization. Human resources management is a field that has seen significant growth and transformation during the pandemic and talent scarcity eras.

Remote work, hybrid models, the gig economy, and an increased focus on outsourcing work as short contractual gigs have entirely changed the job description of HR professionals. While their roles might have altered, the importance of their role has grown as the workforce adapts to new working models. Candidates with top-notch communication skills and problem-solving abilities are highly sought after.

10. administrative support

The technology age hasn't diminished the need for strong administrative skills. It's simply evolved that need. Employers today are looking for candidates that can work with various software programs and systems; manage automated processes; handle communications via phone, chat and email; and support organized workflows. 

Candidates with experience managing remote workforce solutions, including video and web meeting software, will probably be at the top of employer wish lists in 2023.

11. accounting

With a little experience and the right certifications, you can land an accounting job that pays anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000 or more per year on average. Tight budgets, ever-changing regulations and growing consumer demands make every dollar count for organizations, driving employers to look for candidates that bring accounting skills to the table.

As a job seeker, consider whether you have any of these skills or can demonstrate experience in these areas. And remember, many skills transfer into other areas. For example, customer service skills can be important whether you're applying for a customer service rep position or an administrative assistant job. Always read the employer's job posting and ensure all your relevant skills are on display when you apply.

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