Cedric shares his story about finding work as an immigrant to Canada. When he first arrived in his new home, he took whatever work he could find. For 2 years, he worked in a bakery, even though he was trained to work in the electrical field. Upon receiving his permanent residency, he decided it was time to find a job that more closely aligned with his skills. He shares how Randstad helped him transition into a job that uses his electrical skills. Watch his full story below.

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advice for finding a job in your field

As Cedric discovered, finding work in your field of study can be a challenge, especially if you gained your work experience and training outside of Canada. That said, there are ways to frame your experience that are more appealing to employers and will increase your chance of landing a great job that aligns your past experience with where you want to go in the future. 

  • Customize your resume. Have a friend proofread it and ensure it's formatted in the local style. Consult with a professional (like us!) if you need help with this. Your resume is your ticket to find a job in your field, so it's important to get it perfect!
  • Focus on skills over experience. If an employer wants to talk about your experience in a job interview, focus on the skills you've gained and how they can be applied in the future, rather than focusing on the day-to-day details of roles you've held in the past.
  • Find a recruiter to help with your job search. Tackling your job search alone can be intimidating! A specialized recruiter who knows your field is a huge help. They'll be there to offer support and provide the tools and access you need to find a great job.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is often the first way a hiring manager is introduced to your work history. Make sure it's conveying the right impression and highlights your skills. Also don't forget to include a nice photo of yourself!
  • If your previous experience is from outside of Canada, get your credentials assessed. In some professions, it's helpful to have your education assessed to determine the Canadian equivalent. You can include this on your resume to give employers a frame of reference for qualifications they may not be familiar with.

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working with randstad to find a job in your field

There's a lot of misinformation out there about what recruiters actually do, and how our services benefit people who are looking for work. Here's the simple truth: we're here to help you find a job that makes you happy. Working with us costs you nothing (that's right, working with a recruiter is 100% free if you're looking for a job!) Our primary goal is to help you find a job that you're thrilled to accept. We only succeed when you do!

  • Optimize your resume and employability for the Canadian market. As HR experts, we know what employers look for and help you frame your experience in a positive light that resonates with Canadian employers.
  • Assess your skills and salary in the Canadian market, ensuring you're fairly paid for the skills and experience you bring to Canada.
  • The jobs we recommend are completely based on your preferences. You tell us what type of work you're looking for, and describe your ideal employer, and we'll help you find the right match.
  • Use our connections with hundreds of top companies to get your foot in the door with awesome employers. Who you know is important when you're looking for work, we pass our network onto you. Did you know as many as 70% of job opportunities are never posted online? As HR insiders, we help you access jobs that aren't widely publicized online.
  • Sign up for our health and dental benefits program Randstad Advantage through Sun Life. Every temp worker who's on contract with Randstad is able to join.
  • Our approach to hiring is diverse, inclusive and reflects Canada's mosaic of cultures and identities. We help newly arrived Canadians find their footing and access opportunities in line with their skills and experience.

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