Melanie shares her story about rediscovering her passion for nursing. After working long hours at a hospital and being overloaded with patients, she was starting to feel like her job was more of a chore than something she really loved. She had a moment of questioning whether nursing was truly the career for her. A chance encounter with a job post on Facebook sent her down a path to rediscover what she loved about nursing. Watch her full story below.

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finding the right workplace culture 

As Melanie discovered, finding a job that's a good fit for your personality and career make all the difference in how you approach your work. Why settle for a job that's 'good enough' when you can find a job that truly aligns with your career goals and attitude to work? Here are some tips to assess the cultural fit at a new employer and whether it's right for your lifestyle:

  • Ask questions from the start. Don't wait until you're hired to wonder how employees are treated. Ask about social events, work-life balance, vacations, benefits, or whatever else you're curious about in your first interview. If the fit is off, it's better to know sooner rather than later.
  • Watch how employees act. When you go in for an interview, watch how employees interact. Is everyone kind to the receptionist? Is everyone interacting, or are they zoned out in their own little cubicle bubble? Does everyone seem stressed and harried, or do they seem relaxed and in their element?
  • Check out their social media. In this day and age you can learn a lot from a company's social presence. Do they share photos and updates about employee events? What about charitable initiatives and causes that are close their heart? If their social media is all business it can be a sign that their culture is the same.
  • read online reviews. Sites like Glassdoor and Facebook can provide a glimpse into how employees really feel about their workplace. Are the reviews generally upbeat and positive about the future of the company?  
  • Do a deep dive online. Do a google search on the company to see what you find. Does their website have a mission statement or quirky team bios you can check out? Are there recent news articles or PR pieces about what's been happening at the company lately? They can provide some insights into what's important in their work culture. 

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working with randstad to find a job you love

There's a lot of misinformation out there about what recruiters actually do, and whether we actually help people find meaningful careers. The truth is simple: we're a resource to help you find a job that makes you happy. Our services cost you nothing (that's right, working with a recruiter is 100% free if you're looking for a job!) Our ultimate goal is to help you take the next step in your career. We succeed when you find a job you love!

  • Optimize your resume to appeal to the employers you want to work for. We know how employers think and what they look for, so we're well equipped to help you frame your experience in the best light.
  • A job you love is important, but so is having a competitive salary that makes you feel good about accepting the offer! We assess your salary and benefits, ensuring you're fairly paid based on your skills and experience. 
  • The jobs we present to you are completely based on your preferences and what kind of role you'd be happy to accept. If you're looking to a permanent career move, we'll be your partner in finding it!
  • Use our connections with hundreds of top companies to find your ideal role. We pass our access on to you, helping you get your foot in the door with awesome employers.
  • Did you know as many as 70% of job opportunities are never posted online? We can help you tap into these hidden opportunities. You never know, you might just find your ideal job is one you didn't even know existed!

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