As digital dependency increases and new technologies drive change across all industries, tech jobs are rising. Companies continue to report skills shortages, leading to shifts in the average salary expectations for top jobs in tech. Discover below:


the most in-demand IT and tech jobs in Canada for 2023

Employers are looking for qualified candidates who can develop and refine technology solutions, and use data analysis to streamline existing systems. Other trending jobs in the tech sector involve developing security systems that reduce the risk of data breaches and building the architecture to support stable business cloud computing systems.

average salary expectations for top jobs in tech

Salaries are very competitive in the tech sector, in part due to severe skills shortages. In 2022, average salaries ranged from $51,900 to $154,300, though certain positions might pay even more. Expectations for salaries in 2023 have shifted slightly, with an average range of $74,000 to $130,600 and a median of $100,100. For more details on salaries for IT and technology professionals, get our recent salary guide.

top industries for IT and tech professionals

Technology professionals work in nearly every industry, but demand is particularly high among employment placement agencies, commercial banks, software publishers, custom programming services, and consultant companies that specialize in administration and general management. These businesses have a consistent need for tech positions including developers, analysts, cloud specialists and project managers.

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Check out some of the most sought-after abilities for IT and tech roles, and if you possess them, make sure they are listed on your resume.

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