With all the excitement surrounding online technology, it’s no surprise that the jobs available in web development such as computer programmers, software developers, web designers are extremely popular. 

Each year we rank the best jobs in Canada, and web development jobs frequently make the list. 

This year, web developer and java developer were the two most prominent roles in this field.

Do these types of careers speak to you? Would you like to know more about whether or not you’re cut out for web developer jobs? 

Our expertise in IT recruiting means that we can tell you all you need to know!


three main types of web developers

Before we talk about the skills and abilities you need, it's important to go over the different types of web developers out there.

  • front-end developers. They design and program the elements with which users interact, whether it’s a web page or mobile app. Their expertise touches on the appearance and layout of these elements, which is inherently linked to the user experience.
  • back-end developers. Responsible for server connections, as well as working with databases or API’s, this type of developer deals with feature programming and mechanics for websites and apps. Their work is significantly less visual, but important nonetheless!
  • full-stack developers. Able to tackle both appearance and function, these jack-of-all-trades developers have mastered the full range of web development skills. They can program a full project from A to Z.

how do you choose the right development career?

Given the significant differences in terms of programming skills between these career paths, it’s important to take a good look at what each one really means. 

Here are some more details to help you get oriented.

If the visual aspect of websites and apps interests you, you should lean towards front-end development. 

This will allow you to showcase the graphic designers’ hard work by creating a product that users will love.

If you enjoy working on features, such as transmitting data communicated by a server, back-end tasks are your best bet. 

You can also work on products’ technical architecture, and the behind-the-scenes interactions that take place between different systems.

Given that full-stack developers are the generalists of the bunch, you’ll need to love versatility! 

You will also need to know about multiple technologies, platforms, and programming languages. 

If you’re looking to become a key player in a small business or startup, this type of development will definitely suit you.

skills and coding knowledge

front-end back-end

areas of expertise

front-end back-end
user-experience (UX)
API and databases
browser compatibility
internet security
responsive design
Git and GitHub
networks and servers

extra skills worth having

front-end back-end
cloud services
SEO and digital marketing
web hosting

common job titles

front-end back-end
front-end developer
back-end developer
UI developer
PHP developer
UI/UX developer
database developer
web developer
ruby developer
javascript developer
java developer

interpersonal skills and aptitudes

Even though developers often find themselves working solo at a computer, that doesn’t mean that the job is devoid of human contact! 

It is therefore very important to have good communication skills next to technical skills, especially when it comes to explaining technical issues to non-programmers.

Moreover, given that the world of web technology changes so quickly, you need to enjoy learning new languages and new ways to get the job done. 

The capacity to solve problems (by scouring help forums, for example) is also a highly sought-after skill.

Finally, for developers that will be working for startups or very small businesses, it’s important to know that these types of workplaces call for exceptional time and stress management skills.

a career path with endless possibilities!

As a web developer, you can decide to work on your own as a consultant, as part of a company, or with an agency that provides digital solutions for other businesses. The choice is yours!

With so many programming languages out there, it’s better to start off by mastering a few instead of knowing just a little bit about each one. 

Building up your experience and expertise in a niche technology will help you create a professional background that is especially interesting to recruiters or potential employers.

the demand for web developers is going strong, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down! there's no doubt that this type of career has countless opportunities to offer. are you ready?

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