It’s safe to say that the traditional office holiday party is out of the question for 2020.

Many of us have spent the vast majority of the year working from home. We’ve had limited in-person interaction with our work colleagues. So, this holiday season will also be spent interacting with our coworkers remotely. But this doesn’t mean you still can’t have a holiday party. You’ll just need to celebrate the holidays virtually this year.

Other than hosting a Zoom meeting holiday party, there are plenty of creative ways to celebrate with your work family. Below are a few ideas to consider to get into the festivities and keep your spirits bright, all while staying safe and physically distant.

remote secret santa

A holiday gift exchange is a common tradition in many workplaces. This year, you’ll have to do it remotely. Rather than exchanging gifts in person, you’ll mail them to your gift recipient’s home. Or you could do a white elephant exchange. You may need to have one person operate the gift exchange to ensure everyone receives a gift. Then, everyone opens the gift they receive during a holiday video celebration.

holiday decoration competition

Get your employees in the holiday spirit by having a Christmas tree or holiday decoration reveal. Get employees to show off their decorations or the light display in their home. You can inspire a little friendly competition by offering a prize. Don’t forget to be inclusive! If you have employees of other faiths on your team, suggest they show their decorations to celebrate Hanukkah, Diwali, Winter Solstice, or other winter holidays. 

share holiday traditions

Families have all types of unique holiday traditions. Have employees submit their families’ favorite holiday tradition anonymously. Then read them to the team and have employees try to guess whose tradition it is. It can be a surprisingly fun way to get to know one another and share stories that aren’t work-related.

holiday baking show and tell

Holiday goodies are a big part of the season. Even though we may not be able to exchange baked goods at the office this year, you can still see what everyone is making! Host a holiday baking show and tell to show off christmas treats. Top it off with an exchange of holiday recipes.

holiday drink mixology

Most people enjoy a holiday drink or two during the season. To get people into the holiday spirit, host a holiday drink mixology social. Have employees share their favorite holiday drinks. If you want to take it a step further, you could have one colleague do a live demonstration to show everyone else how to make holiday concoctions like a killer peppermint hot cocoa or spiced apple cider.

holiday movie trivia

Holiday movie quotes are popular in the workplace during the holidays. Put your employees’ holiday movie knowledge to the test. Find out who has the most random holiday knowledge, or perhaps who watches too many holiday movies this time of year!

holiday scavenger hunt 

Playing a game or two is common at holiday parties. Because everyone is remote, it’s an opportunity to do something completely different. A holiday scavenger hunt is a great way to get people moving and do something holiday-esque. Ask your team to search for a list of random items in their home. Have everyone race against one another to find the items first and watch the competitive streaks emerge! 

holiday gift boxes 

One way to show your appreciation for your employees is to send them a holiday gift box. Have employees open them during your virtual get together. What you include in the gift box can vary from traditional holiday goodies such as hot chocolate, chocolates, and baked goods, to stationery, online subscriptions and anything else you think your team would enjoy.

Even though you are away from your colleagues this year doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate with them. Consider some of the above ideas for a virtual holiday party and spend some much needed time enjoying the company of your coworkers this holiday season.

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