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Are you driven by a need to innovate and build things? Do you endeavour to make the world a better place through design? Are you the problem-solver who friends and family members turn to, to get them out of a jam? If this sounds like you, then you might be an engineer.

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engineering jobs in canada

average engineer salaries

There is a healthy demand for engineers in Canada. With baby boomers heading into retirement, senior engineering jobs are opening up, and demand is expected to grow over the next several years. Engineer salaries reflect this. Most engineer salaries range from about $45,000 to $80,000. Managerial roles such as engineering manager and plant manager can have salaries that climb as high as $120,000 in the right markets.

engineering jobs in canada

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engineering jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

The broad range of engineering specialties means your day-to-day work will vary. Some of the tasks you may work on include:

  • conducting research or collecting data
  • creating or developing design concepts
  • designing products or systems
  • overseeing production and quality control
  • analyzing or interpreting data 
  • testing products or materials
  • writing reports or technical manuals
  • training or managing others


engineering jobs in canada

where you can work

In western Canada, the plateau in oil prices has slowed growth and demand, though civil engineers and mining engineers are the most in demand. Robotics and software engineering are emerging opportunities.

In eastern Canada, engineers with expertise in infrastructure and transportation are in demand. Software and computer engineers, material engineers and aerospace engineers are the top engineering roles in this market.

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engineering jobs in canada

what you bring to the table

As an engineer, your ability to innovate is your best asset. Engineers are critical thinkers who adapt quickly and come up with fresh ways of approaching complex problems. You think logically, but bring a human touch to your work.

You come up with new and unexpected ways of approaching problems. You're also good at 'connecting the dots' or factoring ideas and information from various disciplines into your work.

engineering jobs in canada

training and certifications

To become an engineer, you will need a university degree in engineering. You are also required to have proper licensing. Engineering licenses are regulated by the province that you reside in. The most common certification is P.Eng, though there may be more specialized licenses available in your province. There are also training licenses available in many provinces.

engineering jobs in canada

where your career is headed

Honing in on an area of specialty that interests you will distinguish you from other engineers in the job market, and help you pave your career path. Demand for engineering jobs is expected to grow over the next few years as baby boomers reach retirement age and senior roles open up. With 5+ years of experience under your belt, you can also begin to look to supervisory and managerial roles.

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    2019-01-15 Vancouver, British Columbia Permanent

    We are seeking a Mechanical Engineer with strong electro-mechanical design experience for a well established high tech manufacturing client of ours in the Vancouver area. Responsibilities: •Lead the electro-mechanical design of custom sensor products •Design and build complex text fixtures ...

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  • technicien ou ingenieur industriel St-Jérôme

    2019-01-15 St-Jérôme, Québec Permanent

    Relevant du directeur, ingénierie et contrôle de la qualité le titulaire du poste est responsable des différentes activités liées au génie industriel en offrant son soutien et ses conseils techniques. Il travaillera conjointement avec divers départements à l'élaboration des méthodes, des systèmes ...

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