Engineering has a promising and diverse future. People across many backgrounds, cultures, and locations across the country are choosing to become engineers. It’s a career with lots of opportunities and the ability to make a difference. Recently, there have been more people from diverse cultural backgrounds choosing the profession, and for good reason.

The demand for various engineering professionals is expected to grow through 2025. This includes mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers as well as engineering managers. For engineering professionals, this is all good news.

Man holding a tablet in a distribution center/warehouse.
Man holding a tablet in a distribution center/warehouse.

diverse salary ranges for an increasingly inclusive industry

There are a lot of things engineers should know when looking for a job. Salary is one of the top considerations. You’ll want to know how to maximize your earning potential. Not everyone likes to take a hardline approach to salary negotiation. But there are tips you can follow no matter how you feel about negotiating for higher pay.

location is a key consideration for engineer salaries

Knowing where to seek employment (if you're able to relocate) can also help you get a higher paying job. In Canada, many of the top paying engineering roles are found out west. Particularly in Alberta in cities such as Calgary and Edmonton. The demand for engineers is strong in the oil and gas sector in this province.

But you can also find high-paying engineering jobs elsewhere in the nation — even outside of the oil and gas field. Picking your specialty with an eye toward fields that pay the most will increase your chance of eventually moving into senior roles that are high paying.

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engineering jobs that pay more than $100k

Most of these roles do require experience and are considered senior-level positions. But you can work your way up to this level. While you’re doing some research, here’s everything you need to know to find your first engineering job. Check out these engineering positions that pay on average more than $100,000 per year.

the engineering industry needs people from all backgrounds to engineer a diverse future

Engineering jobs, and all STEM jobs for that matter, play a key role in helping to shape the future. Today, there has never been more opportunity for people of all backgrounds – women, Indigenous and people of colour to apply for STEM jobs. See the potential in yourself and follow your dream career path.

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    Speaking of social media, did you know you can accelerate your engineering career with social media? A strong professional profile, LinkedIn presence, and becoming an active voice on your blog and engineering communities online can go a long way to help you get noticed by recruiters. 

    Ready to do more research? Check out these three articles to help you increase your earnings no matter your profession.

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