what is a marketing manager?

As a marketing manager, you promote a brand, service or product. You ensure the company communicates the right message to retain and attract prospective customers. The role requires a marketing generalist to oversee and plan various activities. Your job is to launch marketing promotions, including social media campaigns, events and electronic direct mail (EDM) activities.

Marketing managers lead marketing teams to ensure their efforts are fruitful. You estimate the market demand for your employer's products or services and develop a creative strategy for driving customer interest through multiple channels. Most companies develop a marketing process to simplify and ensure that the strategy aligns with the company's policies.

As a marketing manager, you work in various industries. If you are interested in financial services, you could supervise financial services sales agents and insurance agents. Alternatively, you can work for retail or manufacturing businesses and focus on finding big clients for bulk purchases.

With the dynamic marketing industry, most employers prefer hiring marketing managers with digital marketing expertise. You don't need specialized qualifications or expertise in the business sector, but you should be capable of adapting to ever-changing consumer needs, enabling you to keep up with your competitors.

Would working as a marketing manager suit your creativity? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a marketing manager role.

marketing manager jobs

average marketing manager salary

According to Job Bank, marketing managers receive a salary of $80,941 per year. In entry-level positions, your salary starts at $64,750 annually. The earnings increase with experience and qualifications. Top-ranking marketing managers receive a salary of $197,058 yearly.

how to increase your salary as a marketing manager

Multiple factors influence the salaries of marketing managers. For instance, your skills and expertise determine your earnings. As your experience improves, you gain new skills and can contribute more to the company. Hence, you earn a higher salary than new marketing managers.

Working for a large multinational company improves your salary prospects due to substantial resources. Working for a smaller company lowers your salary since the available resources are limited. Small companies also handle low-budget projects, reducing the expected earnings. Your location also determines your salary. Some regions offer a higher salary because of the higher demand for marketing managers. For example, working in Quebec earns you more than in New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.

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types of marketing managers

Some of the different types of marketing managers include:

  • brand marketing managers: as a brand marketing manager, you build a company's brand awareness. You find marketing strategies that positively market your company, highlighting the benefits of choosing the brand over its competitors.
  • content marketing managers: as a content marketing manager, you supervise the creation and publication of content. You drive traffic to the organization's website and provide value to customers with useful content.
  • digital marketing manager: you create and implement marketing campaigns for online channels. Your job is to improve social media advertising campaigns and the search engine rankings of the company's website to improve visibility, traffic and conversion rates.
Four colleagues having a meeting in a meeting room. Financial charts in the background.
Four colleagues having a meeting in a meeting room. Financial charts in the background.

working as a marketing manager

If you are excited about building brands and promoting businesses, you will enjoy working as a marketing manager. Here are some marketing manager tasks, duties and work environments.


marketing manager skills and education

Explore the educational requirements of marketing managers in Canada:

  • university degree: complete a college diploma or university degree in business administration to start your marketing manager career. Alternatively, complete a degree in any related field and specialize in marketing, sales or public relations.
  • work experience: gain work experience through entry-level jobs in marketing and sales. Start with sales jobs to learn the skills necessary to work as a marketing manager. With more experience and skills, you'll move on to a higher role.

competencies and characteristics of marketing managers

Some of the qualities of a marketing manager include:

  • analytical skills: as a marketing manager, you rely on data and metrics from market research to make decisions. Analytical skills are crucial in sorting, analyzing and evaluating the success of various campaign activities.
  • creativity: as a marketing manager, you need a fresh supply of new ideas daily to improve the performance of marketing campaigns. Creativity helps you create compelling content and build a robust marketing strategy.
  • project management skills: as a marketing manager, you follow the marketing process, which requires project management skills. You set goals, plan and track progress, and manage teams using project management skills.
  • technical skills: as a marketing manager, you need email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and presentation software skills to complete your tasks efficiently. Technical and computer skills help you use software programs to manage clients and social media marketing campaigns.
  • research and problem-solving skills: as a marketing manager, you rely on your research skills to understand your customers and create suitable promotions. Your problem-solving skills also help you find solutions to customer complaints.


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