what is a sales director?

As a sales director, you are a motivator and planner. You manage sales professionals across multiple teams, ensuring they follow effective strategies and achieve the company's sales goals. Additionally, you work with marketing divisions to create campaigns that increase the organization's revenue and client base. Since you are at the director level of senior management, you have complete control of the sales portion of a company's budget.

Sales directors are critical in every industry that produces materials for public consumption, including the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) sectors. You work with top-level leaders to promote the company's strengths through comprehensive plans.

As a sales director, you coordinate with other executive-level leaders to define specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals and align them with the company's overall sales strategy. Effective coordination is needed to verify that all teams are on the same page when it comes to boosting sales. For instance, you meet with the marketing director to develop recommendations used in sync with sales teams.

Would working as a sales director suit your sales and leadership skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a sales director role.

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average sales director salary

According to Job Bank, the average salary of a sales director in Canada is $175,506 per year. Your earnings vary based on various factors, including experience, qualifications and the company's size. When beginning your career as a sales director, you will likely be in charge of a smaller sales team. You start with a lower annual salary of $104,950 due to fewer responsibilities. As an experienced sales director, you earn a salary of $182,614 per year.

what factors affect your salary as a sales director?

Your earnings depend on the scope of your role. For instance, when you are a regional sales director, your salary depends on the region itself and the size of your team. If you manage a sales team in one province or territory, you earn less than a regional sales director responsible for the entire country.

When you work for a large company, there's a good chance you'll earn a higher salary since they have vast resources and can afford to pay higher salaries. Smaller companies have limited resources and less complex tasks, which reduces your earning potential.

If you have additional qualifications and experience, you are likely to earn more. Improve your earnings by gaining professional certifications and improving your leadership skills through lower managerial positions in sales.

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types of sales directors

Sales director positions vary depending on the scope of the role. Some of the types of sales directors include:

  • Regional sales director: you head the sales workforce of a particular region. Your job is to develop strategies and develop sales targets for the region or province.
  • Product-line sales director: as a product-line sales director, you are in charge of a particular product line for the company. You study the market and build brand awareness for the product line. You are responsible for boosting sales and increasing revenue.
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working as a sales director

If you enjoy working in sales and leadership positions, working as a sales director is an exciting career path. Let’s check out the specific duties, responsibilities and work environments of sales directors.


sales director skills and education

Some of the educational requirements expected of a sales director in Canada:

  • University degree: to work as a sales director, you require a bachelor's degree in sales or marketing. Other relevant fields include business administration, economics and advertising. Some employers prefer candidates with advanced degrees. Hence, consider pursuing an MBA to improve your employment prospects.
  • Work experience and certifications: you need extensive work experience to become a sales director. Aside from having experience in sales, you also need leadership and managerial experience. It is important to improve your leadership and sales skills with certifications, such as gaining Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP) status from the Canadian College for Leadership and Management (CCLM). You should also consider becoming a Certified Sales Leader (CSL), a title offered by the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA).

competencies and characteristics of sales directors

To be a successful sales director for any organization, you require a strong set of skills and competencies. These include:

  • Critical and logical thinking: the concepts of critical and logical thinking allow you to comprehend complex issues related to customer service or sales growth. With these skills, you can take large tasks and break them down into achievable goals. Critical and logical thinking also offers opportunities to discover new ways to create successful, profitable sales campaigns.
  • Communication: you regularly connect with your sales managers and their subordinates. Therefore, the ability to communicate at all levels is crucial. Strong written and verbal skills help you convey positive messages. Furthermore, the clear distribution of instructions moves projects forward with minimal confusion.
  • Motivation: there's a mental component to your role as a sales director. You need the power of motivation to rally managers and employees to move past bursting points, reaching new levels of sales and client acceptance. As a result, relationships are solidified and revenue increases.
  • Leadership: as a sales director, leadership skills are not only paramount to handle your managers but also to complete projects. Leadership is required to organize information from several different locations. Your leadership skills also help you inspire and motivate workers to excel in their roles.

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