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Last year there were about 22,600 administrative assistants in Montreal, more than any other city in Canada. Though you might think that most administrative assistants in the city work in the private sector, most administrative assistants in Montreal actually work in schools, universities, and public administration. In Montreal, it's generally expected that you will be bilingual and speak both English and French if you work as an administrative assistant.

administrative assistant salaries in montreal

Administrative assistants in Montreal make slightly less than administrative assistants in other cities in Canada. This is a common pattern across all industries and job titles, due to the lower cost of living in Montreal. Administrative assistants working in Montreal can expect to make:

Entry level: $35,000 to $40,000
Intermediate: $42,200 to $50,500
Senior: $45,200 to $54,100

op industries for admin assistants in montreal

In Montreal, the top industries that need administrative assistants are:

  1. elementary/secondary education
  2. public administration
  3. universities
  4. dentist's offices
  5. business and professional services

in demand skills in montreal

Looking to work as an administrative assistant in Montreal? These are the administrative skills that will help you land a job:

  • bilingualism (English/French)
  • customer relationship management
  • experience with filing systems
  • knowledge of Adobe Suite
  • knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint

next steps for administrative assistants

The next career step for an administrative assistant based in Montreal is to move on to other higher paid positions in your field. For instance, becoming an office manager is a common career goal for administrative assistants. The clerical, interpersonal and organizational skills you learn as an administrative assistant are also highly transferrable.

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