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There are many important roles within the accounting department. Billing clerk is one of them. You will work with internal accounts, HR professionals and outside contractors to calculate bills and ensure all information is accurate in the company accounting system. If you are good with numbers, have accounting experience and have a keen eye for details, this is a great entry level position that could lead to other accounting and finance roles in the future.

what being a billing clerk entails

Billing clerks work typical office hours. Depending on your employer, you may work in the accounting or HR department. Since your job extends across both departments, you can expect to work closely with coworkers in both areas. Your direct manager will also be in one of these fields. The majority of your work will be performed on a computer, using accounting and invoicing software.

average billing clerk salaries

The average annual salary for a billing clerk in Canada is approximately $38,000. Invoicing clerks with little experience can expect a starting salary of about $32,000 per year. With experience, you can expect to make up to $50,000 per year. Employee benefits and performance bonuses may be included in your compensation package. Specifics will be discussed with the hiring company when an offer of employment is made.

your day to day tasks

If you work for a small organization, you may have in-depth accounting responsibilities. At larger companies that have a higher volume of invoices to process, your day-to-day responsibilities may be more focused. You tasks could include:

  • reviewing and updating outstanding invoices
  • following up with customers regarding payments
  • answering billing questions from customers or coworkers
  • managing account balances and assisting with budgeting
  • issuing invoices and account summaries
  • updating accounting records
  • providing reports to coworkers

where you can work

Billing clerks work in many different industries. The role is a staple in most large companies with big accounting and HR departments. Billing clerk roles are also available in smaller companies but additional duties may be tacked onto the position. Billing clerks are common in retail, sales, and manufacturing, and you can find jobs in cities across Canada. You can also find work in accounting and finance firms.

what you bring to the table

As a billing clerk, you are accurate and diligent. Expect to spend a lot of time updating customer information and following up on invoices and accounts. Some skills that will serve you well as a billing clerk include:

  • accounts payable and receivable experience
  • math and accounting skills
  • strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • experience with data entry
  • accuracy and an eye for detail
  • experience using spreadsheets and accounting software

training and certifications

A high school diploma and some general accounting experience are often required. This can come in the form of previous jobs or courses. Increasingly, a college diploma or certificate in accounting or HR is required. Additional education is an asset, especially if you plan to move up and take on more senior accounting roles in the future.

Training for specific software programs, and laws related to billing and confidentiality are typically provided by your employer.

where your career is headed

Professionals in billing/invoicing clerk roles tend to stay in the role long term. However, there may be opportunities to work up to more senior accounting or human resources positions including accounting clerk, accounts receivable clerk, administrative assistant, office assistant or administrative coordinator. Demonstrating accounting and finance skills, a desire to grow and learn, and taking additional courses to prepare you for these roles can help you.

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