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As a business intelligence specialist, you help organizations collect and process intelligence and information that helps them stay competitive.
You’re an expert at using IT to improve your employer's data functions and to collect the most current data for your clients or employers. You may also be called upon to build new programs or improve existing ones. Once you've designed a new program, you’ll most likely test it to ensure it works effectively and is sufficiently easy for your colleagues to use as well.

what business intelligence specialist jobs entail

Most business intelligence specialist roles will require you to work in an office, full-time. You will likely work 35-45 hours, depending on the needs of your employer and ongoing projects. Though business intelligence jobs are found in a variety of verticals, you may also opt to work as a consultant, either independently or for a firm. As a specialist in your field, you may find yourself leading projects and managing a team. You will most likely work under the top level management in your company's IT department.

business intelligence specialist salaries in canada

Business intelligence specialists are in high demand in most major city centres. Starting salaries in this profession are dependent on your location and the level of skill and training you bring to the job. As with most jobs, your earning potential rises steeply with your level of experience. With 5+ years of experience under your belt, your salary can climb into the low 6 figure range in the right market.

Average salaries for business intelligence jobs are highest in Toronto and Vancouver. The market in Montreal and Calgary is slightly softer, but experienced specialists are still in demand.

your day to day tasks

Your role is a critical element in your company’s strategic plan. You’re responsible for the collection of business intelligence. Your company relies on you to assess their growth and direction. You identify and resolve technical problems that might impede data collection, often working closely with application designers to improve functionality or customize programs based on specific criteria. Tasks throughout your workday will include things like:

  • gathering or managing the collection of data
  • analyzing business data for your employer
  • working with developers to ensure smooth data collection
  • identifying areas of opportunity for your employer
  • helping guide business decisions with quantifiable data
  • presenting your findings to management or internal teams
  • working with business sponsors, vendors and other partners
  • directing or managing a team

where you can work

Although the specifications of your job may change depending on where you work, business intelligence specialists are in demand. Your employer relies on your expertise to guide key business decisions. Your skill and experience can prove invaluable in helping your company meet (or exceed) sales and growth objectives.

For this reason, business intelligence specialists are needed in a variety of different verticals including banking and finance, marketing, technology, healthcare and many others. Many business intelligence specialists also opt to work as consultants, either independently or with a firm.

what you bring to the table

To execute your role effectively, it’s imperative that you have extensive program knowledge and that you regularly refresh and update your skills. In this way, you’re well positioned to provide guidance, address and fix technical problems and optimize processes. Some skills that you have include:

  • a highly analytical mind
  • problem-solving ability
  • excellent attention to detail
  • ability to work well in a team setting
  • management or leadership skills
  • knowledge of coding and tech skills are an asset

where your career is headed

Technology and business intelligence have become critical to success. Business intelligence specialists who are educated, experienced and committed to ongoing professional development have all the tools to thrive. The future is bright if you're looking for a business intelligence specialist job. Future possibilities for business intelligence specialists include roles such as big data specialists or management roles in your company's IT department.

Another option for business intelligence specialists is to become a consultant. You may choose to work as part of a consulting firm that caters to other businesses, or strike out on your own.

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