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If you池e looking for a challenging, fast-paced job where no two days are the same, becoming a marketing coordinator may be the right choice for you. Marketing coordinators are highly versatile, and able to handle tasks related to communication, digital media, data management, event coordination, project management, networking, and more.

You may work with print and digital media, website pages, and automated marketing software. You need top-notch interpersonal skills to work and negotiate with the many business contacts you interact with, such as web developers, writers, graphic designers, printers, app developers, and publishers.

what marketing coordinator jobs entails

Marketing coordinators work in an office atmosphere with a team of sales, marketing and communications professionals. Normally, you値l have regular full-time hours. You値l spend a lot of your work day sending and answering emails, creating promotional materials, and coordinating marketing plans with your colleagues. You could have a specialized job in email marketing, social media, direct mail, or event marketing, to name a few.

average marketing coordinator salaries in canada

Marketing coordinator salaries tend to range between $40,000 and $80,000 annually, with an average salary of about $41,000 in Canada. To hit the top marketing coordinator salaries in the $70,000 to $80,000 range you'll need five to seven years of experience in the role. As is the case with most marketing roles, you'll find roles in large cities tend to pay more.

your day to day tasks

As a marketing coordinator, in the morning, you may be in the office using graphics software to create the perfect image for your website. In the afternoon, you could be setting up a booth for a trade show. On the way back to the office, you could be tweeting and responding to comments on Facebook. Your tasks could include:

  • writing promotional copy for print or digital media
  • creating photos, graphics or video content
  • organizing content calendars or updating web pages
  • setting up, posting and maintaining social media
  • ordering and mailing print materials
  • handling the logistics of trade shows, speaking engagements, and events
  • working with colleagues to learn about products and services and provide them with promotional materials
  • answering external inquiries from prospects, customers, vendors, publishers, and media
  • coordinating ads and media or PR releases
  • organizing customer lists, databases and adding details to a CRM

where you can work

Charitable organizations, marketing agencies, and marketing or communications departments at corporations employ marketing coordinators. Organizations across all sectors must develop and promote their brands in order to grow. As a result, you値l find the need for qualified marketing professionals everywhere, especially in large metropolitan areas in Canada.

After a lull in spending due to a depressed economy, marketing budgets are now rebounding. It makes sense to look for employment in sectors where marketing budgets are growing. Medium-sized businessesare expected to have the largest marketing growth in the coming years. Ecommerce businesses are also expected to spend more on marketing. Business to business (B2B) companies are increasing their spending on content marketing.

what you bring to the table

If you致e already gained successful experience in a sales-related job and demonstrated your understanding of business development, you値l have an edge. With a sales background, becoming a marketing coordinator is a possible next step in your career. You must have:

  • knowledge of sales and business
  • superior presentation, writing, and proofreading skills
  • a flair for the creative and fresh new ideas
  • problem-solving and project management skills
  • experience with computers, digital media, print management, contact management software, databases, and other marketing tools
  • ability to multi-task and pay close attention to detail
  • ability to work accurately within deadlines under stressful conditions

training and certifications

To become a marketing coordinator, you値l need a graduation diploma or degree in marketing, communications or public relations from a recognized college or university. Most employers are looking for candidates with a few years of experience in at least one or more of the many specialties in marketing.

Because of rapid changes in trends and technology, marketing is a career of never-ending learning. The more you are willing to learn on your own, the more likely employers are to recognize your credentials and want to hire or promote you.

where your career is headed

Most marketing coordinators hold a variety of jobs in marketing before advancing to a leadership role. If you have honed your skills in the tasks you enjoy, you might decide to make a lateral move and specialize in a field of marketing such as social media, email marketing or event management.

After several years experience in a variety of marketing jobs, you may be qualified for mid-level jobs or managerial positions such asmarketing managerorbrand manager. The advantage of a career in marketing is the opportunity it provides to be involved in so many different activities, allowing you to acquire broad knowledge over time to advance your career.

To improve your chances of advancement, seek out new opportunities and experiences. Take additional certification courses and keep up with the trends in marketing. With years of experience, you may become an account director, amarketing directoror even a Chief Marketing Officer.

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