what is a marketing coordinator?

As a marketing coordinator, you coordinate cross-functional team efforts that support marketing initiatives. You assist the marketing team by organizing logistics, researching vendors and processing invoices for marketing campaigns. The role involves a lot of writing and researching. You assist with creating mailing lists and developing content to support product launches and social media campaigns. You also write original content for websites and print advertisements.

The main role of a marketing coordinator is to ensure a consistent brand voice on all channels and marketing platforms. Hence, you develop content for social media pages and marketing materials that resonate with the brand image and reputation. Since you have your paws on active marketing campaigns, you contribute and support the marketing efforts with your digital marketing skills.

As a marketing coordinator, you ensure the marketing message resonates with consumers and that the campaign content addresses their needs. Hence, you need exceptional copy-editing skills and a penchant for words that appeal to customers. Your creativity is also important to separate your company's social media campaigns from the rest of the crowd. If you are creative, you can think outside the box and find ideas to hold the audience's attention. Since you coordinate multiple activities in the department, you need basic project management skills to excel as a marketing coordinator.

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average marketing coordinator salary

According to Job Bank, the average salary of a marketing coordinator in Canada is $56,554 per year. When you are new to the role, you start with a salary of $44,940 annually. The earnings fluctuate based on experience and educational qualifications. Experienced marketing coordinators earn a salary of $186,699 per year.

how to increase your salary as a marketing coordinator

Your earnings as a marketing coordinator depend on your experience and the size of the company. When you work in a small company, you have minimal responsibilities. The limited resources of a smaller company also limit your earnings. When you work in a large company, you earn more due to the extensive responsibilities. Large organizations also have substantial resources and can pay more.

Your experience also influences your earnings. When you have extensive experience, you are likely to earn more since you handle additional responsibilities. You also have exceptional marketing skills after working in the role for a few years.

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types of marketing coordinators

Some of the types of marketing coordinators include:

  • Content marketing coordinators: as a content marketing coordinator, you craft original content for the company. You write blog posts and articles for the company's website and social media pages. You also develop email lists and write content for email marketing campaigns.
  • Social media marketing coordinators: your job is to create a social media presence for the company using various campaigns and marketing strategies. For instance, you organize contests and create content to attract attention to social media pages.
  • Influencer marketing coordinators: as a marketing coordinator, you maintain good relationships with the influencers marketing your company's products. You also give them the talking points and update them on new product launches and marketing campaigns.
  • Digital marketing coordinators: your job is to drive traffic to the company website and improve brand recognition through marketing campaigns. You also use search ads and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to improve the website's visibility to online users.
Four colleagues having a meeting in a meeting room. Financial charts in the background.
Four colleagues having a meeting in a meeting room. Financial charts in the background.

working as a marketing coordinator

Working as a marketing coordinator involves coordinating offline and digital marketing efforts for a company. If you are interested in the role, discover the daily activities, work schedules and career opportunities of a marketing coordinator.


marketing coordinator skills and education

Some of the educational requirements for becoming a marketing coordinator include:

  • University degree: most employers require a university degree in a relevant course to work as a marketing coordinator. Consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations or marketing to learn the relevant skills. You can also start with a college diploma in marketing to join the role.
  • Work experience and certifications: marketing coordinators require experience in marketing or sales. You can improve your experience through internships. Alternatively, find relevant certifications to boost your skills. For instance, become a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) and complete the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) certification program to advance your career. Having a Certified Marketing Professional (CMKP) certificate also boosts your hiring potential.

competencies and characteristics of marketing coordinators

Some of the skills of a marketing coordinator include:

  • Project management skills: as a marketing coordinator, you manage numerous projects simultaneously. Hence, you need good project management skills to help you plan and organize. With these skills, you will complete your tasks on time and achieve your targets.
  • Communication skills: you need exceptional writing skills since you use words to attract attention online. Your content should stand out and carve out a niche in the market.
  • Creativity: as a marketing coordinator, you are in charge of designing marketing materials for various channels. Hence, creativity helps you find unique marketing angles for the products and exciting methods of attracting the audience's attention.
  • Analytical skills: as a marketing coordinator, you need analytical skills to analyze marketing data. Analyzing data helps you launch successful campaigns based on consumer preferences and buying habits.
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