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Holding a key position as office manager means being accountable for the overall performance of the administrative details in your company. To be a successful office manager, you need a vast array of skills and experience to manage relationships, schedule meetings, plan events, budget, and oversee all administrative functions and personnel.

By ensuring that all day-to-day activities run smoothly in your office and building, you support executives, business owners, and the operational teams of your organization so they can concentrate on business growth and success. If you’re looking for a fast-paced leadership role with lots of variety, becoming an office manager may be the right choice for you.

what office manager jobs entail

Office managers work in an office with all business units including sales, HR, operations, IT, and accounting. Office manager jobs typically require standard 9 to 5 hours. You’ll report to a business owner or executive who will expect regular reports on improvements you have made to policies and procedures, or information about special projects you are overseeing. You may also present annual plans and discuss how to reduce costs or request approval for needs that fall outside of your budget.

average office manager salaries

Office manager salaries range from about $47,000 to $71,000 per year depending on your skills, experience, and location. An office manager can earn wages at the higher end of the spectrum after several years of experience, especially in large metropolitan areas or in specialized fields such as construction, dental, or medical office management. Applicants with accounting skills tend to qualify for higher office manager salaries.

Your salary in an administrative leadership position may also vary according to the job title or qualifications needed. You might find a related job offering a higher salary with a similar title, such as executive assistant, office administrator or operations manager. Higher-paying positions might require specific industry experience or a diploma in your field.

your day to day tasks

As an office manager, you wear several hats ranging from bookkeeper, to marketer, to office supplies coordinator. You may also take care of problems related to your building, including everything from security to renovations, or heating and ventilation. You’ll interact with staff, clients, technicians, senior management, and business owners. In this fast-paced job, you could be involved in any of the following tasks:

  • implementing administrative or emergency policies and procedures
  • providing orientation for new hires
  • overseeing payroll and accounting
  • scheduling and organizing meetings, travel, events, and logistics
  • ordering office supplies
  • overseeing maintenance and repair of office equipment, phones, IT, websites, or communication systems
  • maintaining complete and accurate records on customers, billing, accounts, deliveries, and orders
  • overseeing reception, greeting clients and visitors, hospitality, and customer service

where you can work

Virtually all industries in Canada hire office managers. Office managers ensure businesses run smoothly and their administrative employees have leadership. As a result, you'll find office manager jobs tend to be concentrated in industries with a significant amount of administrative or support staff. Opportunities can be found in small, medium and large businesses.

Opportunities exist in both small and medium-sized towns, but you’ll find more office manager jobs in larger metropolitan areas like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa.

what you bring to the table

If you’ve already gained successful experience in an administrative role and demonstrated your understanding of business, you might be a good candidate for an office manager job. You easily relate to all types of people, whether they work in the mailroom or the boardroom, and understand business from all perspectives. In addition, you must have:

  • well-developed interpersonal skills
  • ability to manage and motivate staff
  • skill with problem-solving, negotiation, and time management
  • tact and discretion while handling highly confidential information
  • detailed knowledge of office equipment
  • close attention to accuracy and detail
  • a multidisciplinary approach to business
  • ability to lead staff in accounts receivable/payable, data entry, payroll, and reception

training and certifications

The minimum educational requirement for office managers is a high school diploma. With a diploma, you may be able to work your way up to the role through experience and on-the-job training. Some employers prefer candidates have a certificate or diploma in business or management from a college or vocational school.

To become an office manager, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have several years experience coordinating, and managing people and complex internal processes in a business setting. Relevant work experience in your industry and previous management or leadership roles will help you succeed in the role.

where your career is headed

You may have held a variety of jobs before advancing to a leadership role as an office manager, allowing you to acquire exposure to many different facets of business administration. With a broad array of knowledge, skills, and experience in business, you could qualify for managerial positions in human resources, finance, or operations.

To improve your chances of advancement, seek out new opportunities and experiences. Learn as much as possible from the managers of other departments. Take additional certification courses and keep up with the trends in leadership and business administration. Eventually, with many years of experience and education, you may become a general manager, director of operations, or senior executive.

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