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Today’s job market has never been more competitive. Candidates face strong competition for top jobs, and organizations are increasingly dedicated to finding and attracting the top talent available. Recruiters play a key role in bringing hiring companies and candidates together. In Montreal, there are more than 9,200 recruiter jobs, a slight increase from the previous year. Since 2007, the number of recruiter jobs has increased by over 35%. There is ample opportunity for recruiters to find entry into the industry or take the next step in their career within the Montreal area.

recruiter salaries in Montreal

Recruiter salaries can change a lot from entry level to senior level positions. They type of company you work for, your area of expertise, and your performance can all impact your earning potential. As a recruiter, you can expect the following recruiter salaries in Montreal:

Entry level salary: $39.2k to $51.2k
Intermediate salary: $45.1k to $59.2k
Senior salary: $51.4k to $66.8k

top industries for recruiters in Montreal

One of the advantages of working as a recruiter is you can find work in almost any industry. Recruiters can work with companies in a variety of industries. Some specialize in a particular industry, while others work with candidates and companies across multiple industries. In Montreal, here are the top industries for recruiters currently:

  1. Business & Professional Membership Organizations
  2. Employment Services
  3. Provincial Administration
  4. Local Administration
  5. Other Federal Services

in demand skills in Montreal

Recruiters are highly skilled professionals. You need to be business savvy, have strong communication skills, and the ability to read people and situations. A diverse skill set is a must to be successful. Here are the top in demand skills for recruiters in Montreal:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Bilingual French
  • IMPACT Software
  • Tableau Software
  • Learning Management Systems

next steps for recruiters

The next career step for recruiters is really up to the candidate. You can choose to specialize in a particular industry, focus on executive recruiting, or even get certification in HR and other related industries to open up other career options. Others take the managerial track and work their way up into recruiter management positions.

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