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all about social media managers

As a social media manager, you manage communications to the followers on social media accounts using editorial calendars, dashboards and online schedulers. 

You’ll need to be a people-person and interact with followers when they have comments, questions or complaints. You’ll need to think strategically about how to build your organization’s image and brand. You’ll study your audience and devise plans to increase followers and online engagement. Successful as a community managers enjoy digital communications, executing marketing plans and reaching for ever-higher goals as you champion your brand online.

what social media manager jobs entail

As a social media manager, you work in an office or remotely. Your official hours may be 9 to 5, but the demands of your job can arise at any time. You make full use of notifications to alert you to situations that demand a quick response. You know your brand inside-out and are ready to defend it diplomatically. You exercise good judgment and preserve the reputation of your organization while balancing it with customers’ needs.

average social media manager salaries

Social media manager salaries are in the range of $29,000 to $60,000 per year, with an average national salary of about $37,000 in Canada. Social media managers in large cities with more experience or additional marketing and communications skills can earn higher salaries.

your day to day tasks

Every day, you’re immersed in the digital world of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, among others. As the voice of your community, you ensure communication is a two-way street between your organization and its customers. As a social media manager, your day will be filled with tasks such as:

  • performing online research
  • setting up social accounts
  • collaborating on strategy, ideation, and goal-setting
  • interviewing employees and customers to develop stories
  • creating, curating and posting social content
  • monitoring and responding to reactions from followers
  • monitoring analytics to generate, interpret and present reports
  • providing feedback to internal departments based on customer feedback

where you can work

Every business owner or CEO knows they must develop and market their brand. In most sectors, large businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments are now employing workers to do this through social media channels and strategies.

Marketing agencies employ social media experts to promote their clients’ businesses, as well as their own. Most marketing agencies and large corporations that hire social media managers are found in the major metropolitan areas of Canada, such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal.

There are even organizations, such as start-ups and not-for-profits, which operate as virtual offices with no bricks and mortar at all. In this case, you could report to your manager via Skype and do most of your work from home. You may also attend events frequently for the purpose live tweeting or capturing video for your social media channels.

what you bring to the table

Your diverse set of digital communication skills will be used the to fullest if you become a social media manager. You strategize, develop ideas, write, and create beautiful images. As a social media manager, you’ll need:

  • deep knowledge of social platforms and online tools
  • superior writing skills with impeccable spelling and grammar
  • interpersonal skills, tact, diplomacy 
  • creativity and experience with photography or graphic design
  • a love for all things digital
  • ability to monitor accounts, track progress, and reach targets
  • affinity for numbers and analytics on various platforms
  • research skills and the desire to discover new trends and tools
  • proficiency in standard office software packages

training and certifications

A degree or certificate in marketing, communications, public relations, or journalism is required for most social media manager or community manager positions. Successful social media experts often have additional certification in the subject from post-secondary schools.

Training in social media is also offered online by vendors of social media management tools. For example, online certification programs are available from Hubspot, HootSuite University, and Content Marketing Institute.

where your career is headed

In recent years, this position has exploded in popularity. Many opportunities exist to advance your career if you believe in your product and have the power of persuasion to make others believe as you do. Those who actively seek out and embrace new knowledge will be the most successful in advancing their careers.

Being a successful community manager creates pathways to more senior roles in both the marketing department and IT department. With several years of experience, you may become a marketing specialistbrand managermarketing manager or marketing director.

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