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As a systems administrator, you may be the last line of defence in ensuring that an employer’s IT infrastructure is running smoothly. You manage the servers and network equipment within the business, while also making sure the Internet connection is working like normal. Maintaining all the necessary services for a workplace’s multiple users is the primary focus for this role.

Employers rely on systems administrators to guarantee compliance and keep the network running without incident. You set up all the servers required, plus any applications employees need to do their jobs.

what system administrator jobs entail

Systems administrators may set up networks from scratch, install mail servers, file servers and applications for end-users working with or for their employer. Those who have access while telecommuting are also under your purview. Your must also ensure compliance by updating operating systems and installing security patches to protect the organization’s assets from device failure or intrusion. This is a full-time position reporting to the upper IT management.

average systems administrator salaries

Systems administrator jobs start around the mid $60,000s, with upward mobility leading to a significant increase into the six-figure mark after five years. While not as highly specialized as programmers or developers, system administrators are largely responsible for the health and efficiency of the company’s network.

These jobs are in demand throughout Canada, though are slightly less so in Quebec City, where the starting salary is slightly lower.

your day to day tasks

As a systems administrator, you help organizations create software specific to their operations, or manage, repair and improve existing applications. You are part of a wider team working on different layers of these applications, coordinating with them to develop solutions your employer needs. Some of your daily tasks will include things like:

  • setting up and managing a network
  • managing various company servers
  • updating and installing new software
  • troubleshooting any network or connection issues 
  • ensuring data is protected and secured
  • running tests to gauge efficiency and operability

where you can work

Systems administrators are needed by a variety of employers in Canada, regardless of size. Any company using a network with a number of computers and end-users will demand your services. These can include offices, technology firms, banks, e-commerce sites, hotels, call centres and many more.

IT sector growth across the board has created more opportunities for Canadian employers to hire dependable systems administrators.

what you bring to the table

Systems administrators may enter the workforce with a degree or diploma from a computer or IT program, though on-the-job training is very important to further progression. You do need to be flexible and pragmatic to be successful in this role because of the various responsibilities that come with it. Skills that are transferable across systems administrator jobs:

  • in-depth knowledge of network infrastructure
  • an ability to set up and manage servers
  • flexibility and responding quickly
  • working with end-users to troubleshoot issues
  • you’re able to collaborate with others
  • you have problem-solving skills
  • you are up to date on the latest technologies
  • honing your expertise and learning on the job

training and certifications

There is no single path to learning to become a systems administrator. Having a degree or diploma in computer science or IT lays a good foundation. The broad focus of a systems administrator may be augmented by multiple certifications covering different aspects. In some jobs, a systems administrator may have a singular focus, like that of a database or server administrator, for example.

There are no specific certifications to be a systems administrator, but rather training and courses covering certain programs that contribute to the overall role. These can include certificates for Microsoft-based systems, like Windows and SQL, or for working with Cisco networking equipment and software.

where your career is headed

System administrators are relied upon to maintain a company’s network, making them very important to the day-to-day operations. Given how important and demanding the job may be, employers make a stronger effort to hire effective and talented people to fill the role. It may also be a job that becomes a stepping stone to pivot to a specialized position, like a database administrator, business analyst or IT auditor.  

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