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receptionist jobs in canada

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Yours is the first face people see when they enter your lobby, and the first voice they hear when they call your company. That’s why what you do is critical to your company and its success. Internally, your role is also important to employee culture and atmosphere. While you’re not entirely responsible for setting the tone in your workplace, you do a lot to maintain and support a positive work environment.

As the first point of contact for anyone who walks through the doors of your company, you have a chance to make a lasting impression. You greet visitors, clients, vendors, delivery people and potential employees and have a huge impact on their impression of your company. You also perform various administrative tasks, including answering telephones and providing information.

receptionist jobs in canada

what receptionist jobs entail

You’re generally situated in a lobby or highly-visible area. Ideally, your workspace is comfortable, clean and well-appointed, as it’s the first place a customer or client sees upon entering your workplace and where they’re likely to wait for an appointment or meeting. You may work full-time or part-time. Though your main role is to greet and direct customers or client, in some cases, you will also be assigned administrative jobs.

receptionist salaries in canada

average receptionist salaries

Receptionist salaries fall between $27,000 and $43,000. Receptionist jobs are considered entry-level positions, and the salaries reflect this. If you're just starting out in the field, you can expect a starting salary of around $30,000 in most markets. For this reason, becoming a receptionist is a great option for young people, students, and others with little to no prior work experience.

Receptionist salaries are fairly consistent across Canada, indicating steady demand in all Canadian markets. Currently, receptionist salaries in Montreal are slightly lower than the national average, however, this tends to be the case across the board; the cost of living in Montreal is lower than in most other major Canadian cities.

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receptionist jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

You are the face of your company. As the first person that customers or clients deal with, you set the tone and are responsible for creating a positive first impression. Everything you do is influential – your voice, personal grooming, clothing, and demeanor – all of it reflects on your employer. During the course of your workday, your tasks may include:

  • answering, screening, and forwarding phone calls
  • greeting visitors in person
  • operating a variety of office equipment, including computers,
  • printers, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, and  telephone answering systems
  • accepting, sorting and delivering mail and packages
  • performing basic administrative tasks, like filing and sorting
  • assisting coworkers with various tasks
receptionist jobs in canada

where you can work

Receptionists can work in all private and public organizations, in many different verticals including government, finance, healthcare, education, telecommunications and others.

Most companies that operate in an office setting require a receptionist to greet and help direct customers or clients. For this reason, you should have no trouble locating receptionist jobs anywhere in Canada. Over the next few years, many receptionist jobs are expected to open up as a result of an increasingly aging work population. Receptionists will be needed all across Canada to fill these roles.

receptionist jobs in canada

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receptionist jobs in canada

what you bring to the table

Receptionist jobs are often entry-level, so you aren't required to bring too much to the table. Instead, you bring a bright personality. You need exceptional communication skills above all. Your primary function is to greet and interact with clients and customers. In addition to being friendly and personable, you will also need basic administrative skills. Some of the skills receptionists should possess include:

  • good memory and note-taking skills
  • ability to multi-task and prioritize
  • dependability, reliability, and efficiency
  • patience and excellent listening skills
  • a respectful attitude and good manners
  • ability to handle stressful situations
  • common sense and problem-solving
receptionist jobs in canada

training and certifications

Most companies will require a high school diploma or GED when filling receptionist jobs. Some companies may even look for some post-secondary education in administrative fields. However, some customer service experience, positive energy and solid references can help you overcome a lack of formal training.

As with many customer interfacing positions, speaking a second language is an asset. Though English/French is the most desired combination in Canada, other commonly spoken languages, such as Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, German, and Punjabi are also considered an asset in the right market.

receptionist jobs in canada

where your career is headed

It’s not unusual for receptionists to expand their responsibilities and move up in the organization they work at. Receptionist jobs attract a high number of applicants as many job seekers see receptionist jobs as a way into a company that interests them. To make the most of your 'in' and transform it into a career, you must be committed to performing your role and show that you're ready and willing to take on more responsibility.

The skills and experience that you gain as a receptionist are highly transferable to any job or industry, leaving the future possibilities for your career very open ended. Receptionists can transfer their skills into roles in customer service, marketing, PR, finance, telecommunications, technology, and other industries.

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