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Human resources professionals and managers consistently name recruiting as one of their biggest challenges. So it’s no wonder that recruiter jobs are among the most in-demand positions in human resources departments.

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recruiter jobs in canada

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Recruiters match qualified candidates with job vacancies their clients or colleagues need to fill. But recruiter jobs require you to do a lot more than just search for candidates and arrange interviews. Recruiters are also expert salespeople who are involved in networking, business referrals, and cold calling. They use persuasive techniques to sell a candidate’s qualifications to a client while selling the benefits of a job opportunity to a candidate.

As most business leaders will tell you, an organization’s most valuable asset is people. In turn, a skilled recruiter with a knack for discovering new talent can be one of their most important employees.

recruiter jobs in canada

what recruiter jobs entail

Because of the demands of your job, you’ll need to prioritize your work and stay organized. You’ll likely report to a manager or director of human resources, or directly to a business owner. Normally, you’ll work from 9 to 5 but will sometimes need to work before or after regular hours to contact candidates.

recruiter salaries in canada

average recruiter salaries

Depending on your experience and where you work as a recruiter, you can expert to earn between $33,000 and $66,000 annually with the average salary at about $45,000 per year. You can earn more in large agencies and corporations in metropolitan areas with the highest wages found in western cities like Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

In a junior recruiter job, you’ll start at the low-end of the range and your pay will rise steadily with several years of experience. As you gain a few years of experience, you can quickly progress into higher paying recruiter jobs, as well as related HR jobs.

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recruiter jobs in canada

your day to day tasks

Fulfilling your duties as a recruiter can seem like a whirlwind at times. On any given day as a recruiter, you could be sourcing, qualifying candidates, networking, analyzing job requirements and managing relationships. Your success will depend on your ability to execute a comprehensive search strategy, meet recruiting targets and make the most of the resources available to you. In a recruiter job, daily tasks can include:

  • participating in job fairs
  • using job portals, or cold calling to find candidates
  • determining the needs of hiring managers 
  • writing job ads and conducting candidate searches online or by phone
  • screening, testing, and contacting candidates
  • introducing candidates to clients
  • scheduling and conducting interviews, requesting feedback
  • briefing candidates on interviews
  • coordinating reference and background checks
  • writing and negotiating job offers
  • onboarding new hires
recruiter jobs in canada

where you can work

Recruiters can work in any industry, with the majority of opportunities found in agencies and large corporations. Since Canada’s economy appears to be in recovery mode, the growth outlook is positive for most industries, including manufacturing, construction, technology, and aerospace. This is good news for recruiters who will find plenty of recruiter jobs in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Toronto, Montréal, and Halifax.

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recruiter jobs in canada

what you bring to the table

As a recruiter, you constantly search for the right candidate for your client’s needs. A background in customer service or sales will also help in the hunt for the perfect candidate, and allow you to celebrate success when it’s time to close the deal. You have talent in the following areas:

  • excellent communication
  • a desire to work with people
  • ability to mentor, coach, and negotiate
  • organization and time-management
  • advanced search skills using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards, and other tools
  • experience using an applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • good understanding of employment and human rights legislation
recruiter jobs in canada

training and certifications

To obtain a recruiter job, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, preferably in HR or business administration. After you start working as a recruiter, professional development courses will help you advance in your career. You can enhance your employment opportunities and improve your recognition as a professional recruiter by attaining the Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR) designation available through your professional association.

recruiter jobs in canada

where your career is headed

Attaining certifications and experience will provide you with opportunities to develop your career. To advance to the managerial level, stay current with employment regulations and trends.

Experienced recruiters with professional designations are more likely to earn more and take management roles in their profession within five years of working in the field. To propel your career forward, consider becoming a CPHR (Chartered Professional in Human Resources), a nationally recognized certification in the field. The combination of professional credentials and experience could lead you to senior positions, such as HR manager, director or consultant.

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