The top workforce trends in 2017

As we head into a brand new year, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at 2017 and see what trends job and workplace trends took precedence.  Below are the 10 Workforce 360 articles that were read the most in 2017.

top 10 work trends of 2017

1. top HR challenges of 2017

Our top article of 2017 focuses on the challenges that HR teams are facing in 2017. From appealing to talent in an increasingly candidate-driven market, to lowering high turnover rates, to planning for the future as baby boomer leaders march into retirement in droves, there are some big challenges that must be addressed. And these challenges show no sign of disappearing in 2018, either.

2. why canada is a great place to live and work

In an age of worldwide political upheaval that includes regular meltdowns in the white house, several contentious elections, a refugee crisis, and countless terrorist attacks, is it any wonder citizens of the world are curious about Canada? There’s no denying Canadians seem to have it pretty good. We’ve got relative peace, a stable government, a growing economy and we’re regularly named one of the top countries in the world to live in.

3. workforce 2025: what the future of work looks like

Curious what the future of work holds? You aren’t alone. There’s been a lot of discussion about automation and how ‘robots’ are coming for all the jobs this year. Discussion about universal basic income has also been a hot talking point. Despite all the alarmist worries, there’s a lot of evidence to show the future of work isn’t nearly as dire. Instead, we’ll see growth in non-traditional roles such as freelancing, telecommuting and consulting.

4. corporate culture vs startup culture:  what’s the difference?

To work for a startup or for an established corporation? That’s the question on the minds of many workers, particularly in the tech space. With the vast growth of startups (2017 saw more than 200 startups attain unicorn status – aka startups worth more than 1 billion) working for a startup is perhaps starting to blend with working for a corporation. Here’s what you can expect working for a startup versus a more established company.

5. how technology is Impacting work relationships

Technology is more pervasive in our lives than ever before. Admit it: you’re within arm’s reach of your phone right now.  Or maybe you’re staring at it this very moment, as you read this article. No matter how you slice it, technology has become a part of our everyday lives and that includes work.

6. 8 reasons you’re losing your best employees

Let’s face it, employers are rapidly becoming cognizant of the fact that they need to treat employees with respect if they want to keep them on board. Employees have more options than ever before and they’re taking advantage. Millennials are jumping ship every 2 years on average, for a new opportunity. The days of sticking around a company for the majority of your career are long gone, and that means employers need to think long and hard about how their treatment of employees is affecting their retention rates.

7. a brief history of women in the workplace

2017 was a banner year for women in the workplace. From Susan Fowler’s takedown of the bro culture at Uber, to Ellen Pao’s legal battle against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byer, to the takedown of numerous predators in Hollywood and countless other industries following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, women have been making their voices heard in workplaces. So it’s interesting to take a walk back through history, to see how far we’ve come.

8. comparing and contrasting millennials and gen Z

You can’t throw a stone these days without hearing about something or other than Millennials have done. They’re the most talked about generation since their baby boomer parents.  Millennials now make up the majority of the active workforce, outnumbering baby boomers. Less talked about is Generation Z, aka the generation that comes after Millennials. Read this infographic to see how the two youngest working generations diverge from one another.

9. how age and experience factor into job hunting

There’s an age versus experience paradox: companies want years of experience, but they’re wary of hiring older workers. In 2017, we’re more sensitive than ever to discriminatory practices, and that includes age discrimination. Workers are choosing to stay in their roles longer than ever before, and that means we need to better accommodate older job seekers.

10. the top engineering job trends in 2017

Engineering is a hot field in Canada. We’re experiencing a severe shortage of engineers, and worse, engineering is an ageing profession. Skilled engineers are heading into retirement and leaving behind large skills gaps. 


As new events unfold and trends emerge, we'll be here to keep you up-to-date on the leading employment, HR and workplace trends of 2018!

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