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With responsibilities like answering telephones and managing important documents, general office clerk jobs could shrink considerably as remote work becomes a fixture for Canadian workers. However, if you have digital skills and are able to use technology to streamline and ramp-up productivity with colleagues working remotely, you’ll be in high demand. Having in-depth knowledge of video conferencing platforms and digital communications tools are sought-after skills in this role. And if you’re willing to cross-train, upgrading your knowledge in departments like accounting and marketing, your career in this field can be a success.

1. administrative assistant

Administrative assistant continues to be the top administrative job in 2021. Administrative assistants who are tech-savvy and have knowledge of basic accounting practices are most in demand in 2021.

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2. office clerk

Office clerk is the number two job in the administrative sector for 2021, moving up one spot from last year. Office clerks are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to office support, however tech and accounting skills will make candidates highly desirable to employers.

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3. executive assistant

Executive assistants hold much the same role as an administrative assistant, though they work closely with an executive or several members of an executive team. You're essentially the right hand of the executive you report to, providing support ranging from proofreading, to scheduling, to reporting.

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4. customer service representative

Customer service representative returns to the list of in-demand office jobs for 2021 for the second year in a row. In the age of dying brick-and-mortar retail which was accelerated by the pandemic, many customer service roles are migrating to an office setting (remotely), where they respond to customer requests and queries digitally.

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5. accounts payable and receivable clerk

Accounts payable and receivable clerk makes its debut on the list of in-demand office and administrative roles for 2021. Over the past few years, admin staff with accounting skills have been highly sought-after, so this job making the list of in-demand jobs in 2021 should come as no surprise.

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6. office manager

Office manager remains a key role in the administrative sector, appearing on the list for several years running. Office managers with expertise in accounting, payroll, and budgeting are in particularly high demand in 2021.

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7. data entry clerk

Data entry clerk makes its second appearance on the list of in-demand jobs in 2021. The importance of data continues to grow, so don’t expect this job to disappear any time soon. Despite claims automation and AI would render data entry an obsolete field, data continues to be a sought after skill among employers in the office sector.

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8. legal assistant

Legal assistant makes another appearance on the list of in-demand jobs in 2021. In the administrative sector, we're seeing a trend away from general administrative roles toward more specific skills and industry knowledge. Knowledge and experience relevant to the legal sector is one of the most in-demand.

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