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Over the last few years administrative roles have shifted away from traditional clerical support (such as data entry and filing) towards more industry specialization and technical know-how. Though office staff are still expected to provide general, all-purpose support in 2019, administrative staff have adapted to digital technology, using it to further increase their productivity and ability to support their organization. Administrative and office workers who are tech savvy and experienced with various Microsoft Office applications, SAP or accounting software are set up for success in this field for the foreseeable future.


best office jobs in 2019

In 2019, we're seeing an increased demand for administrative support staff with technical skills and knowledge emerge. Administrative support professionals with broad expertise (such as administrative assistants and office clerks) continue to be in demand, though specialization in a specific sector such as accounting, IT or legal increases your earning potential in the administrative sector.

best admin jobs

  • 1. administrative assistant

    Administrative assistant continues to be the top administrative job in 2019. Administrative assistants who are tech-savvy and have knowledge of basic accounting practices are most in demand in 2019.

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  • 2. receptionist

    Receptionist holds steady as the number two best job in the administrative sector for 2019. Receptionists are the first face clients or customers see at a place of business so an outgoing personality and top-notch social skills will help you stand out as a receptionist.

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  • 3. office clerk

    Office clerk is the number three job in the administrative sector for 2019, holding onto its spot from last year. Office clerks are the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to office support, however tech and accounting skills will make candidates highly desirable to employers.

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  • 4. executive assistant

    Executive assistants hold much the same role as an administrative assistant, though they work closely with an executive or several members of an executive team. You're essentially the right hand of the executive you report to, providing support ranging from proofreading, to scheduling, to reporting. 

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  • 5. accounting clerk

    Accounting clerk is new on the list of best administrative jobs for 2019. Over the last several years we've been seeing a trend of more accounting functions creeping into the administrative sector, so it's no surprise to see accounting clerks will play an important role in 2019.

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  • 6. office manager

    Office manager has dropped one spot from last year's list, however it remains a key role in the administrative sector. Office managers with expertise in accounting, payroll, and budgeting are in particularly high demand in 2019. 

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  • 7. mail clerk

    Though mail clerk is far from a new role, it's making its first appearance on the list of best administrative jobs for 2019. With the increasing number of packages delivered through online ordering (including at offices!) mail clerks will stay busy for the foreseeable future. 

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  • 8. legal assistant

    Legal assistant is new on the list for 2019. In the administrative sector, we're seeing a trend away from general administrative roles toward more specific skills and industry knowledge. Knowledge and experience relevant to the legal sector is one of the most in demand.

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office and admin salaries in 2019

In 2019, the median salary for an administrative professional is $40,750, up from $39,800 last year. Administrative salaries have grown steadily over the last few years, despite worries about automation taking over jobs, admin support professionals continue to be in demand. The lowest 10% of administrative professionals make $30,400 or less, while the top 10% make $51,100 or more.

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the best admin skills to have in 2019

In 2019, general office skills with broad applications (such as Microsoft Office, proofreading and email correspondence) remain the most in demand across the board. However tech skills are gaining importance in the administrative sector. A new entry on the list for 2019 is SAP software. In general we're seeing a trend toward administrative staff who are highly tech-savvy and have advanced understanding of the software used in their workplace.

top admin skills

  • 1. microsoft office

    Administrative roles require providing general support in a wide variety of areas. From writing and proofreading text in Word, to composing presentations in PowerPoint, to verifying data in Excel, to managing correspondence in Outlook, expertise in the entire Microsoft Office suite of products is invaluable for office and administrative staff.

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  • 2. french bilingualism

    Many of Canada's largest organizations operate in both of Canada's official languages. Administrative support staff who can speak and write in both of Canada's official languages are a huge asset, and will have higher earning potential. 

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  • 3. SAP software

    SAP stands for System Applications Products. It's a popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software used by many businesses globally. SAP allows  organizations to run key processes such as sales, accounting, HR, finance on an integrated internal system, allowing information to flow from one program to another smoothly. It's estimated that over 75% of business have some contact with SAP, making it an essential skill to know, especially for those in administrative roles that might touch on several different departments.

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  • 4. proofreading

    Administrative support staff are often a second set of eyes for the team or leaders they support. You're the last line of defense for catching errors, so excellent proofreading and writing ability are key. Many administrative staff have an educational background in communications or English. Inherent knowledge of good writing and a sharp eye for details and proper grammar will come in handy. 

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  • 5. email correspondence

    The average professional spends about 30% of their day answering emails. That number is even higher for administrative support staff who often manage email correspondence for others or the organization they work for, in addition to their own. Administrative staff are often email gatekeepers for their department or leader, so knowing how to efficiently manage email in Gmail or Outlook is a key skill worth mastering.

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