what sets us apart in the construction sector?

access to the best talent

We pride ourselves on our deep networks and connections. We've spent decades building our relationships with professionals in the construction space, and have built up trust. Those deep connections allow us to zero in on the best candidates for your needs. We prioritize finding the right combination of cultural fit, skills, work experience and a history of working on related projects.

keen understanding of the construction sector

We're not HR outsiders who don't know anything about construction. We speak the same language you do. We're construction experts above all else. After decades of specializing in engineering and other construction roles, we have a deep understanding of the market and the unique requirements and skills needed in the construction sector. Many of our experts have engineering backgrounds themselves. We live and breathe the construction sector and all the roles it entails.

inside track in a competitive talent market

Construction is one of the most competitive fields in Canada. As a result, high turnover is a top concern for many of our clients. We understand how difficult it can be to find and keep great talent. We have tools and insights to help with retention. We also build long-standing relationships with talent, getting to know candidates before we refer them to you. This ensures we find the best possible match.

we're a true partner to clients

Recruiting is never one-size-fits-all, especially in the construction sector. We build a custom recruitment strategy for every client that crosses our desk. We get to know our clients, their requirements and what makes them unique. This allows us to focus on finding the perfect fit. Finding someone who fits into your team seamlessly is imperative. Skills can be taught but finding the right team dynamic isn't so easy to adjust.

construction roles we can help you fill

BIM/VDC coordinator
project coordinator
chief estimator/estimating manager
project director or executive
construction manager
project manager
proposal coordinator
health and safety coordinator
site supervisor
health and safety manager

hiring now? we can help you find the right talent.