what sets us apart in the energy sector?

access to the best talent

Finding talent is the top concern among our clients. That's especially true in the energy sector, where remote projects (which tend to be less desirable among candidates) are a frequent occurrence. We help you cut through the noise to zero in on talented candidates who not only have the skills and experience you need, but who have the right mindset and fit for your project and team dynamic. 

keen understanding of the energy sector

We're laser-focused on the energy sector. Unlike generalists who specialize in HR first, and learn the industry as they go, we're energy experts. We have deep knowledge of the energy sector and all the roles we recruit for, as well as the legal frameworks required in the industry. We pass that knowledge on to you, providing peace of mind. We can perform site visits, ensuring you're complying with government-mandated health and safety requirements and all other regulations. 

ability to mitigate high turnover

High turnover is a common challenge for our clients. The skills gap in the engineering sector has led to intense competition to secure qualified talent. We can help mitigate some of that pressure. We've spent decades building relationships with engineers, so we have an inside line into the talent pipeline. We can also provide tools and insights to help you improve retention and keep talent on board longer.

balancing salary requirements

Pay is always a fraught topic. Today's high demand for engineering talent coupled with rapidly shifting oil prices has led to surging payroll costs for employers in the energy sector. At Randstad, we make it a point to educate both clients and candidates on what realistic salary expectations look like given the current market.

roles in the energy sector we specialize in

construction manager
automation and instrumentation roles
facility inspector
commissioning roles
pipeline inspector
geotechnical roles
planner and scheduler
health and safety roles
project engineer
regulatory roles
project manager
supply chain and procurement roles

hiring now? we can help you find the right talent.