what sets us apart in the manufacturing sector?

access to the best talent

We have a vast and growing network of relationships with engineering talent in the manufacturing sector. We expand these relationships on a daily basis, developing trust with the engineers and other professionals we work with. Since our recruiters are highly specialized, we're able to build relationships with a variety of talent, including engineers in niche or hard to find specialties. Many of our relationships span years, so we have a direct line into talent, even when they're not actively looking for work. We pass on this access to our clients.

we're experts in the manufacturing sector

Our recruiters are not generalists who recruit for any role. We zero in on engineering roles within the manufacturing sector. As specialists with years of experience in this space, we understand the technical requirements our clients need. We know the manufacturing sector inside out and have in-depth knowledge of requirements, qualifications, salaries and competition within the market.

we cut through the talent shortage

One of the biggest challenges many of our clients face is a shortage of qualified engineering talent, particularly in the mid-range level. Talent with 3-10 years of experience are in high demand and short supply. There's a surplus of junior candidates, however they often require significant time and investment. Because our relationships with candidates are so well established, we're able to cut through the shortage and help you access these hard-to-find candidates. 

we have global reach

When you work with us, you aren't working with a single recruiter. You're backed by an entire team of recruitment experts. Randstad is the largest provider of HR services worldwide, and we have extensive networks to match. We can leverage our network of branches across Canada (and the world) and assist you with finding talent anywhere your business operates.

manufacturing roles we can help you fill

operations procurement management
applications engineer
contract administrator
continuous improvement manager
automation/controls engineer
facilities/inventory control manager
engineering manager
logistics/transportation manager
maintenance manager
electrical engineer
procurement manager
operations manager
field service engineer
procurement specialist
plant/production manager
industrial engineer
production/logistics planner
quality manager
mechanical engineer
purchasing manager
tooling manager
plant engineer
strategic or technical buyer
warehouse manager
process engineer
project engineer or manager
quality engineer

hiring now? we can help you find the right talent.