You already know the importance of your consumer brand. When done right, your brand serves a number of purposes. It positions your company in the market. It offers a promise of performance. It conveys what you stand for, as a company. It’s a key pillar in building a strong company. Companies invest a lot of time, effort and money into getting their brand message right.

Yet, somehow, employer branding is often overlooked. Your employer brand is a little different than your consumer brand, though it may overlap in some areas. Your consumer brand targets anyone who might purchase your products or services. Your employer brand, on the other hand, conveys what your company values as a workplace.  It’s a promise to employees and potential employees.


finding the right cultural fit

If you’ve recently attempted to hire professionals in hot fields like mobile, IoT or DevOps, you understand how much weight a strong employer brand can carry. Gone are the days where a recognizable name was enough to sway high-calibre talent to join your team. These days, everyone’s looking for the right cultural fit.

No matter how cutting edge your products, if your company is perceived as being staid or less than stimulating, you’ll find you’re at a huge disadvantage when it comes to hiring the right talent to drive your company forward. Keep in mind, a widely respected consumer brand doesn’t necessarily translate to a great place to work. Some brands excel at launching the goodwill directed at their consumer brand into a captivating employer brand – think Google – but this isn’t always the case. More often than not, your employer brand will require some nurturing to convey the image you’re looking for.

how to shape your employer branding

Every interaction your company has with potential employees (and current employees) will shape their perception of your employer brand. Your consumer brand will provide the base, but additional elements must also be considered, such as:

  • Your interview and hiring process
  • Exposure to existing employees (or coworkers in the case of existing employees)
  • Communication & marketing materials
  • Press and media coverage
  • Training, opportunities to advance
  • Office setting and culture

Being mindful of each of these elements and how your brand presents itself to employees and prospective employees. Even companies in traditional, slower moving companies that have a more conservative approach to hiring (like law or consulting firms) have the power to choose how they position themselves to prospective employees.

Take a close look at how your brand looks from the outside, to ensure that potential hires get a clear, accurate picture of what it means to be an employee. Don’t hide what makes your company a great place to work!

the benefits of an ace employer brand

Nurture your employer brand with the same level of care you would your consumer brand. The benefits are numerous. A company that has a reputation as an excellent employer has a leg up when it comes to hiring the best possible talent. Here are a few of the perks:

  • Shorter recruitment time frame
  • Differentiate your company from competitors
  • Attract stronger talent with high potential
  • Retain high-performing employees

A well-conceived, methodically executed employer brand can be the difference between having top-calibre talent knocking down your door, wanting to work for you, and a long, drawn-out hiring process that leaves you frustrated and unable to fill important roles.

Just remember: follow-through is essential.  An amazing employer brand is worth nothing if it’s not backed up by your actions. If you promise a flexible, work-from-home mentality, that better be true. If you promise top of the market salaries, deliver. If you promise a casual, open-door office environment, that’s what candidates will expect. If your employer brand doesn’t live up to its promises, the jig will be up as soon as new employees step through your doors.

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