Have you avoided working with an HR partner because you're worried about high costs or low-quality candidates? Did you know that the right staffing firm actually helps you avoid those problems? 

Pull the blanket off these common myths about staffing firms and learn how working with one might actually be the best step forward for your business and talent management plan.

myth 1: working with a staffing partner is really expensive

Yes, you pay a staffing partner to help you—it's a business relationship, after all. But that doesn't mean choosing this path is more expensive than doing all the work alone. 

In fact, in many cases, working with the right HR partner can actually save you money. Your partner takes on tedious tasks such as sourcing candidates, screening resumes and even managing interview processes or onboarding. And they do so with specialized and proven resources—which you may not have in-house. That means a professional staffing firm can typically handle all this work more efficiently and cost-effectively than you can. That frees your internal HR team up to handle other value-added efforts, such as taking care of existing staff to maintain or improve morale and reduce turnover.

Plus, fees are typically based on a percentage of a new hire's salary and the type of HR support you need. So there are options to meet various needs and budgets.

myth 2: recruiters don't do anything our HR team can't do

Most businesses don't have access to massive databases of vetted candidates or the time and know-how to continuously source new talent in creative ways. An external staffing and recruitment firm will. They also tend to have deep ties to the industries they specialize in and access to HR tech tools to support workforce management, video interviews and candidate testing and screening.

All of this adds up to added value. The simple truth is that the right recruiter can actually do a lot of stuff your HR team can't. And even if your internal team can handle some of these tasks… chances are that a qualified recruiter with the right firm can do them faster and more thoroughly. The key is picking a good recruiter with the expertise and industry knowledge you need. A poor quality staffing partner may not be able to offer anything above and beyond what your team is capable of, so it’s critical to vet your potential staffing partner before you sign a contract!

myth 3: staffing firms cut corners and don't follow the rules

This is like saying all restaurants cut corners and serve sub-par food just to make more money. The truth is that restaurants are governed by a lot of rules and regulations and face serious consequences if they cut certain quality corners. Just because a couple of bad actors have done so in the past doesn't mean every eatery is doing so.

The same thing is true for staffing firms. The company itself and many recruiters have to go through rigorous training and licensing. Then, they have to comply with rules and regulations in most provinces—this is especially true when dealing with temporary workers.

Reputable staffing firms aren't cutting corners to make a few dollars off of a contract. That would put their entire business at risk. 

But, as in the food service industry, some bad actors have covered everyone with a lacklustre reputation. Usually, however, agencies that are found to be cutting corners on health, safety and other key areas are small and don't have proper licensing. 

Do your research when choosing an HR partner and choose a reputable firm to avoid this type of worry.

myth 4: staffing firms are generalists and don't have deep industry experience

This myth stems from the fact that recruitment firms are often responsible for a wide range of hiring tasks and work in many industries. If a staffing partner is expert at hiring accounting staff, for example, how can they also be experts at filling IT positions?

The answer to this question is easy: While the firm itself covers a wide range of industries, the recruiters and teams that do the work tend to specialize. 

Here at Randstad, we have recruiters who specialize in:

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Administrative support
  • Call centre
  • Industrial support
  • Skilled trades
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources
  • Sales and marketing
  • Healthcare

Most of our recruiters specialize in one of these industries. However, when you need staff across multiple industries, our team is happy to collaborate to ensure you have access to an expert in each job sector. When we partner with you to provide HR support, we work to connect you with the right recruiting teams and specialists to meet your unique needs.

myth 5: staffing firms prefer to work with large corporations

Obviously every HR firm is unique, each with its own business goals and service lines. So it may be true that a select few only choose to partner with larger organizations. 

But the vast majority of staffing partners are thrilled to work with small and medium-size businesses too. Randstad is one of those firms, and we even offer a lot of services designed specifically for this segment of the market, including employer branding and consulting. 

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Interested in working with a staffing partner now that you've learned the truth behind these myths? Find out how Randstad can help you build a recruitment strategy that includes your internal HR team and our external recruiting expertise.