The combination of today’s growing labor shortage and the ever-expanding skills gap is creating a highly competitive job market that makes securing top talent challenging, costly and time-consuming. According to a recent survey, the talent shortage is the number one concern of CEOs and C-suite executives around the world.

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With business leaders forced to gear their attention toward reestablishing their company in a post-pandemic market, finding time to prioritize talent acquisition can be a real struggle. One effective way to overcome this obstacle is to partner with an HR solutions company that can handle the talent sourcing and recruitment process for your company.

To help your company decide if working with an HR solutions compan is the right solution, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular reasons why businesses choose to work with Randstad.

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cutting-edge technology

Advancements in technology have impacted nearly every workplace function, and recruitment is no exception. While online job boards have made it easier to collect applications and ATS (Application Tracking System) software can simplify the process of filtering through these applications, it may not be enough to find, attract and hire the top talent candidates your company needs.

At Randstad, we prioritize the use of cutting-edge technology that enables our teams to expand our reach to source both active and passive candidates, prescreen them and monitor recruitment metrics to build the most effective talent acquisition process possible.

The use of this type of technology can significantly improve the quality of a hire by allowing us to identify candidates that match your company’s specific criteria, including skills, qualifications and personality traits. For example, our Randstad relevate talent search allows us to filter through our vast talent pool by location, skills and experience, and our relevate match enables us to further narrow the search based on qualifications and tested skills to help you find prospective candidates that are an ideal job-fit and boss-fit for your company. 

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human-centric insights

One factor that sets Randstad apart from many of our competitors is the fact that we understand that it takes more than advanced technology to source qualified candidates. Our talent acquisition process revolves around the infused idea of ‘tech and touch.’ We know that to attract top talent, we must take a human-centric approach that focuses on human insights regarding candidates’ behaviors, motivating factors and workplace expectations.

It’s this human input that makes us different. We use this human-focused approach throughout the talent acquisition process, whether we are sourcing potential candidates, engaging with interested applicants or vetting prospects.

This two-pronged approach that utilizes both technology and human insights allows us to deliver candidates who are prescreened and highly engaged.

tailored talent acquisition plan

A major concern that organizations have about working with a sourcing agency is the fear that the recruitment process won’t match the company’s culture or employer brand. This factor couldn’t be further from the truth when you work with Randstad.

We realize that every client we work with has different hiring needs, goals and objectives and that there is no one-size-fits-all process when it comes to talent acquisition. These factors are why we always start the sourcing and recruitment process by meeting with clients to discuss their hiring needs and to obtain a full understanding of the company culture.

With this information in hand, we then build a customized talent acquisition process that matches the company’s brand. This initial process allows us to identify candidates that would be a good job and boss fit for the company and to give prospective applicants a glimpse into what it’s like to work for the company, which can greatly improve hiring outcomes.

We also allow our clients to determine exactly what part of the talent acquisition process our Randstad team handles and what aspects they want to keep in house. For example, some clients prefer our Randstad teams to handle the entire recruitment process from end-to-end, including onboarding and training. Other clients, however, prefer our teams to only source and prescreen candidates, and then they handle the hiring tasks themselves from this point forward.

When you work with Randstad, our teams will create a tailored service plan that meets your company’s specific needs, goals and objectives.

faster time-to-hire

With today’s highly competitive job market, the speed of hire is crucial. In fact, studies show that the average time-to-fill is about 30 days, while top talent candidates tend to remain on the job market for 10 days or less. Without an efficient recruitment process in place, your organization may find it impossible to hire the talent it needs to grow.

The last thing you want to do is spend weeks guiding highly desirable candidates through the recruitment process only to lose them to a competitor because the process took too long. On the other hand, you don’t want to rush through the hiring process and make poor hiring decisions that can be both frustrating and costly.

Working with a professional HR solutions compan can help you speed up the hiring process and attract top talent simultaneously. For example, when you work with Randstad, you have immediate access to our massive talent pool of qualified candidates from around the world. These candidates are prescreened and fully vetted.

Once we take the time to better understand your company’s goals, objectives and hiring needs, we will search our vast database to identify potential candidates that match your specific criteria. If we are unable to find the right talent within our candidate database, we will use a combination of advanced technology and our in-depth understanding of both global and local job markets to identify the most effective sourcing strategies to attract the candidates your company requires.

cost savings

There’s no easy way to say it — talent acquisition can be expensive. Recruitment costs, including background checks and advertising fees, can quickly add up. In fact, our research shows that it costs about 21% of the position's salary to hire a new employee. Add to this the amount of time recruitment duties will take away from your other day-to-day duties and you can clearly see that filling open positions is one area where you can’t afford to go wrong.

Working with an HR solutions company may seem like an added expense the company can’t afford. The reality, however, is that partnering with an agency that specializes in recruitment can actually save your company both time and money. In most cases, recruitment agencies handle the sourcing, engagement, prescreening and sometimes the interviewing process. At Randstad, we can also handle the onboarding and training process, which can speed up time-to-productivity rates.

Partnering with an HR solutions compan can reduce HR overhead by eliminating the need to maintain a large recruitment team, while still retaining the ability to scale your recruitment efforts up and down as needed. Additionally, improving the quality of hire can help to decrease turnover rates and associated costs.

To learn more about working with an HR solutions compan and to find out how Randstad can help your company improve hiring outcomes, download our randstad recruitment process guide.

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