This week, we have a special conversation lined up that delves into a topic of utmost importance - gender equity in the workplace. The Brand is Female podcast’s host, Eva Hartling, sits down with a remarkable guest, Yolande James, the Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion at French-language broadcaster Radio-Canada. 

Yolande's journey as a lawyer, mediator, and trailblazer in the political sphere makes her the perfect voice to shed light on this critical issue.

Yolande James
Yolande James

yolande james: a pioneer in diversity and inclusion

Yolande James's accomplishments speak volumes about her dedication to creating a more inclusive society. 

In 2004, she made history as the first Black woman elected to Quebec's National Assembly. Subsequently, in 2007, she became the first individual from the Black community appointed to a Government of Quebec cabinet position as the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities. 

With her expertise and experience, Yolande now leads Radio-Canada's efforts to foster inclusion and engagement, offering invaluable guidance and support to departments and teams on diversity and inclusion projects.

unveiling our special report on gender equity

Coinciding with this enlightening conversation, we are thrilled to release a special report on gender equity in collaboration with our partners at Randstad Canada. 

As we navigate a rapidly changing world characterized by talent scarcity, an aging population, and a tech-driven, post-pandemic business landscape, the need for an inclusive, equitable, and accessible working environment has never been more crucial. 

This report aims to shed light on the current state of affairs and explore the gaps that still exist in achieving true gender equity.

white paper: how to build inclusive workplaces for women?

access our white paper on fostering workplace inclusivity and promoting equity within your organization.

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the reality for canadian women

Despite the increased awareness surrounding gender equity, our national research conducted by Randstad Canada reveals that Canadian women still face significant challenges. 

The pace of change appears slow, and women continue to feel that they are not offered the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

It is time to uncover the truth behind the glossy facade that some companies present and work towards meaningful change.

a conversation with yolande james

In this engaging podcast episode, Eva Hartling and Yolande James embark on a deep exploration of how and why implementing gender equity practices leads to a work culture where everyone can thrive. 

They discuss the significance of creating an environment that supports women's growth and ensures a positive experience throughout their professional journey. 

Yolande's wealth of experience and expertise in diversity and inclusion provide valuable insights and practical strategies to address the existing disparities.

to go even further...

Are you passionate about gender equity in the workplace? Do you want to be a part of the change? 

Tune in to our podcast episode with Yolande James, where we uncover the realities and discuss the ways to create a more inclusive working environment. Together, we can shape a future where everyone, regardless of gender, can achieve their full potential.

For more in-depth information and analysis, visit, where you can access our special report on gender equity. Let's work hand in hand to bridge the gaps and foster a more equitable society.

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