We have officially crossed the threshold into a mobile dominated society. 2014 was the first year that the number of webpages visited via smartphones and other mobile devices surpassed the number of visits from desktop devices. In 2015, Google announced the majority of their more than 3.5 billion daily searches occur on mobile devices. Mobile’s lead over desktop devices is still growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

You only need glance around in any public space to see the proof. Everywhere you go, you can count on seeing someone with their head tucked down, captivated by the glow of their smartphone screen. 2 out of 3 Canadians own a smartphone. We’ve become dependent on them for just about everything from checking emails, to answering questions, to shopping, to finding directions.

Organizations are recognizing that mobile-friendly solutions are no longer a ‘nice to have’ that customers appreciate. Getting on the mobile bandwagon is a necessity that puts the customer needs front and centre and is an invaluable tool for improving employee productivity.


put customers first and business results will follow

Making your business mobile compatible is a perfect example of a ‘customer first’ strategy. In fact, we’d argue that in today’s smartphone dominated world, providing mobile solutions to customers shouldn’t be worthy of a pat on the back, it should be the default.

Tech savvy customers simply expect businesses to have mobile solutions, and if they don’t, they’ll happily find a competitor who offers what they need. Make customers happy and they’ll share their positive experience with others and be back for repeat business. Trust us when we say happy customers are never bad for your bottom line.

boost employee productivity

Most professionals rely on mobile devices as a productivity tool. Say an employee is away from the office but needs to share a report with a colleague immediately. Not a problem with mobile-integrated productivity tools. The employee can submit that emergency report, whether they’re at their desk, curled up at home with a tablet, or sneaking a peek at their phone during a meeting.

The 9 to 5 model is out the window and constant connectivity is in. Millennials rely on their mobile devices more than any previous generation and prioritize workplaces that facilitate a mobile work style. Want to attract up-and-coming talent to your organization? Adopting mobile-integrated email and business systems is a start.

gather vital business intelligence

To connect with high-value customers, you first need to identify who they are. With all the data shared through smartphones – where your customer is, what they click on, what they search for, among other things – there’s a wealth of information to tap into. Use this treasure trove of information to better understand what your customers need from you, how they interact with your business, and ultimately how you can better serve them. Which leads us to…

hyper-personalization through mobile

With mobile devices, you can micro-target customers and offer a highly personalized brand experience. You’ve already seen this strategy in action, probably without even realizing it. Sites like Amazon offer highly specific purchase recommendations, based on other items you’ve viewed or bought. Groupon shares nearby deals when you walk past a participating retailer. Perhaps you’ve put an item in an online shopping cart, only to receive an email an hour later reminding you to complete the transaction, and by the way, did you want to try these other related items, while you’re in a buying mood?

This kind of personalization is easier on mobile than just about any other platform. People share an incredible amount of information on their devices, which can be tapped into by savvy organizations to create smarter, more effective marketing to acquire and retain high-value customers.

harness the power of geography

GPS and mapping have become incredibly sophisticated on mobile devices. It’s easier than ever to leverage your geography for business gain. With sophisticated mobile tracking, it’s possible to recognize when a customer is in or near one of your locations, and offer hyper-targeted messaging.

Want to welcome a client who’s taken a seat in your lobby? No problem. Is someone walking past your restaurant? Why not entice them through the doors with a tempting special? Want to know which aisles of your store are the most traversed (a.k.a. the best places to position prime merchandise)? GPS can tell you. Take advantage of these mobile moments to provide customers with information that will facilitate and enhance their purchase experience.

The evidence is clear: there’s incredible value in offering nimble mobile solutions. For the relatively low cost of employing a mobile development team, your organization will be able to better serve customers and employees, and ultimately your own business interests. If your organization doesn’t already have a mobile developer team focused on mobile compatibility and services, you’re missing out on substantial opportunities to reach customers and improve internal productivity.

Randstad Technologies specializes in IT recruiting and can connect you with talent that has the mobile- skills you need to thrive. Whether you’re looking for mobile developers or professionals with experience in emerging mobile-focused fields like big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT), 

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