The administrative sector has seen many changes in recent years. Firstly, the pandemic has led to an increase in the number of administrative employees working remotely, and a spike in the number of companies hiring self-employed workers to fill administrative positions. 

Secondly, Generation Z workers are expected to represent 30% of the total workforce by 2025. Finally, technological advances continue to change many administrative workers' roles. Candidates who already possess these skills are in high demand in today's labour market. Find out more here: 


the best administrative jobs in 2023

Administrative positions involving a wide range of tasks are in high demand this year. Candidates looking for entry-level positions will find many opportunities. Employers are also looking for specialized administrative professionals.

how much is the salary of admin staff in canada in 2023?

The average annual salary for mid-level administrative workers is $58,200, while entry-level workers in the same field of expertise have an average annual salary of $44,400. High-level administrative professionals earn an average annual salary of $75,000.

If you want to know more about how salaries for administrative professionals vary by sector, position or experience, get our latest salary guide.

most in-demand skills for administrative professionals in 2023

The administrative sector faces many challenges, such as remote work, client demand for personalization and advanced technologies. Discover what skills employers are looking for to build strong teams. Check out the 7 skills most sought after by employers in 2023 and add them to your resume if you have them.

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