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Over the past decade there have been countless predictions about AI rendering human customer service obsolete. That day hasn't arrived yet. As a matter of fact, customer service jobs aren't disappearing at all. They're just evolving. The demand for call centre and remote customer service staff is on the rise, even as the need for staff in brick and mortar slows. With the rise in online shopping and e-commerce, companies need service personnel who can interact with customers and solve their problems with a delicate human touch that AI can't provide. Think about how frustrating it is when you call a customer support line and get stuck in an endless phone tree, especially when your problem isn't easy to explain, let alone solve. Customer service professionals who are able to successfully balance technology with a deft human touch will be in demand for the foreseeable future. Expertise in industry software such as CRMs, PoS, inventory control systems, and help desk are also in demand in 2020.


best customer service jobs in 2020

In 2020, the list of best customer support roles remains fairly similar to last year's. Customer retention specialist, which comes in at number 2 is one of the newer entries. This high position might be explained by the increasing number of choices available to consumers when it comes to services with monthly recurring bills (such as phone and TV providers). Organizations are spending more money on retaining legacy customers as the options in the market diversify.

best jobs in 2020

  • 1. customer service representative

    Customer service representatives take the top spot on the list of best customer support jobs for another year. Despite concerns that customer service jobs would decline due to the advancement of point of sale technology and self-serve checkouts, that worry seems unfounded for now. Skilled customer service professionals offer a human touch and knowledge that can't be replicated by machines.

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  • 2. customer retention specialist

    Customer retention specialists (also sometimes called loyalty agents or retention agents) play a critical role for businesses, particularly those with recurring billing, such as in telecommunications. Customer retention specialists have a tough job: they deal with customers who are upset or planning to cancel their service. Their main job is to keep the customer happy and retain their business. Calm, professional and outgoing people who aren't easily ruffled are most likely to thrive in this challenging role.

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  • 3. bilingual customer service agent

    Bilingual customer service agent has climbed one spot on the list of best customer service jobs compared to last year. Bilingualism, particularly spoken English/French is in high demand in all customer service jobs. Being able to speak both of Canada's national languages is a huge asset for employers that operate call centres that serve both French and English speakers.

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  • 4. inside sales representative

    Insider sales representatives tend to be more focused on B2B sales or big ticket B2C sales than other customer service professionals. They're also sometimes called inside sales representatives if they focus on over-the-phone sales. Sales representatives focus most of their time reaching out to prospective customers, often through cold calling. They typically work (at least partially) on commission so persistence and sales acumen are key skills to master in this career path.

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  • 5. customer service agent

    Customer service agents tend to work in a call centre. Though this role sounds similar to customer service representative, customer service agents tend to work remotely and handle customer requests over the phone or instant message, whereas customer service representatives tend to work with customers in person. Even though customer service agents work remotely, outgoing people who excel at communicating and staying calm under pressure are most in demand.

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  • 6. team leader

    Team leaders (or supervisors) are the first level of management in most customer service or call centre operations. Team leaders typically oversee small teams of entry-level customer service professionals. Their main directive is to ensure their team meets the performance metrics and KPIs outlined by the organization and to report on results. They may also be in charge of scheduling, training, and hiring for their team.

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  • 7. collection specialist

    Collection specialists are tasked with recouping money from outstanding debts owed by customers. They're in charge of monitoring overdue accounts and reaching out to collect payment, usually by phone. Though collection specialists are technically a call centre role, knowledge of accounting software and accounts receivable is particularly useful in this role.

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  • 8. client service specialist

    Client service specialist is a fairly broad role. Your exact job description will vary depending on your employer, however most client service specialists work remotely and are a resource for potential and existing customers who are seeking information. They're highly knowledgeable about the products and services their employer sells, and can answer questions to help clients make the right purchase. Client service specialists work in industries such as banking, insurance, IT and many others.

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customer service salaries in 2020

The median salary for a customer service worker is $41,400 in 2020, identical to last year. The lowest 10% of customer service workers bring home $35,000 or less, whereas the top 10% earn $55,000 or more. Both these numbers are higher than last year. The growing need for technical customer service roles, which tend to be better paying may explain why there are more high earners in this category.

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the best customer service skills in 2020

In 2020, we're seeing high demand for tech savvy customer service professionals. Though customer service jobs rely on your ability to communicate clearly and relay information to customers, tech skills are growing in popularity. In particular, knowledge of CRM software and technical support will set you apart in this field. Another key skill employers look for is the ability to speak English and French. All of these skills will increase your earning potential in the customer service sector in 2020.

best skills in 2020

  • 1. tech savvy

    It almost goes without saying that being technically savvy gives you a big advantage in just about any job. That includes the customer service and call centre sectors. You spend most of your day working on a computer system, logging customer transactions, or helping clients solve problems. So a little computer knowledge goes a long way.

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  • 2. french bilingualism

    In the call centre and customer support sector, being able to speak both of Canada's national languages will instantly set you apart. Being fluent verbally is most important, as the bulk of your responsibilities will likely involve interacting with customers in person or by phone. Though your ability to speak fluently is most important, written bilingualism is also an asset.

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  • 3. technical support

    The fastest growing segment of the call centre and customer service sector is technical support. A technical background and the ability to help customers troubleshoot software or solve technical problems in a calm and easy-to-understand way will make you an in-demand candidate. Technical support roles also tend to pay better than other customer service roles.

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  • 4. customer relationship management (CRM)

    Managing customer relationships is a critical part of customer service jobs. Whether you're consulting a customer's order history or updating a client file, most updates are processed in a CRM platform. Though most customer service jobs won't require prior knowledge of CRMs and will teach you how to use their software, bringing expertise to the table can set you apart as a potential candidate.

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  • 5. point of sale (PoS) systems

    Point of Sale or PoS systems are the software used to complete transactions and process payments from customers. If you work in retail sales or customer service you should be extremely familiar with Point of Sale systems and how to use them.

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  • 6. inventory control systems

    Depending on the type of customer service role you're working in, knowledge of inventory control systems can be helpful. If you're in a job where you're regularly checking on order status or item availability, knowledge of inventory control systems can be a plus to add to your resume.

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  • 7. high volume calls

    With the volume of e-commerce sales on the rise, phone customer service is a common way shoppers access customer support. Being able to handle a high volume of incoming calls while maintaining your composure and solving problems efficiently is a valuable and sought after skill.

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