Like many job sectors, those workers in the sales and marketing industry face extreme shifts in the way of work. For example, many sales and marketing workers transitioned to remote work during the pandemic. Although markets are slowly starting to open, it appears that the option for remote work is here to stay. Even before the pandemic hit, however, advanced technology was transforming the industry. First, the collection of big data allows companies to provide their clients with a more personalized customer experience, which many consumers have now come to expect. Secondly, consumers in both B2C and B2B sectors now prefer a digital-first experience in comparison with face-to-face meetings and in-store shopping. The increased use of technology in the sales and marketing industry has created a greater demand for tech-savvy workers.

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top sales and marketing skills

1.  salesforce certification

Salesforce is the top software application used in the sales and marketing industry, which is what makes this type of certification number one on our list for 2022. Obtaining a Salesforce certification shows employers that you have the skills necessary to maximize the use of this software.

2.  google analytics certification

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows sales and marketing teams to track the success of their online marketing campaigns. The good news is that becoming certified in Google Analytics is free. Employers seek candidates with this credential to ensure they can properly track and analyze Google Analytics data.

3.  hubspot inbound certification

HubSpot is a popular inbound marketing tool used by companies across the globe. Obtaining a HubSpot Inbound Certification will highlight your knowledge in various marketing tactics, including social media, lead conversion and email.

4.  google ads certification

Google Ads offers six different types of certifications, including Google Ads Search, Google Ads Video, Google Ads Display, Shopping Ads, Google Ads Measurement, and Google Ads Apps. While you can work towards earning all six certifications, it’s recommended to start with Google Ads Search, since this is the credential that most employers want.

5.  project management professional (PMP) certification

When it comes to project management credentials, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the most widely recognized. Training for this certification teaches a variety of leadership and management skills that can be directly used to lead sales and marketing teams.

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